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The Great "Kool-Aid vs Writer's Block War"

I was born in the south. I live in the south and will die in the south. This is only a small part of the memories I share.

Writer's Note - - - of course this is one of my No Endorsement notes that accompany pieces requiring me to editorialize (a) product, but not brow-beat anyone to buy it. Thanks, Ken.


Life is many times stressful. Especially when you (or others) get involved into those pesky battles which we never win, but sometimes talk loudly about if we've had five too many. But since I do not drink, my personal dilemma is far more difficult. Like those battles that I just mentioned, my dilemma does not have referee's or experts to call folks like me who sometimes get out of the natural order of things and an expert has to step in.

I should have just said that not long back I was faced with a traumatic warfare of sorts. The type of encounter which cause those of weaker constitutions to quickly bow-out of the encounter and look for cover. But my problem just cropped-up and I was left to defend myself all without arms. Note: I meant arms as in firearms, not my human arms. I want to be specific. So you can understand why I have stayed away from HubPages so long. Sometimes, and this I l learned, to just stop, take an exit ramp of life and just live. No moving. No talking and no volunteering to hawk loose change at some charity traffic stop.

Ask my easy-to-understand headline, my "Great Kool-Aid vs a Writer's Block," there are literally no familiarities. None. Na-da. But of the TV adventure, "Quantum Leap," starring Scott Bakula and (my favorite actor) Dean Stockwell, there are several. The term Quantum Physics is used many times duirng a program and quite frankly, this helps us to understand those sometimes-confusing plots courtesy of Donald P. Bellisario, who, by the by, is a true, blue creative genius.

That covers the similarities of Quantum Leap, but with my encounter with the war against Kool-Aid and Writer's Block, it is what it is--very dumbfounded. Stunned without educated-learning to be frank with you. I am so glad that I produced this piece, being I haven't been on HubPages for a few weeks, and I can tell you, I feel so rested and alive, but not with mentally-battling my favorite childhood drink, Kool-Aid and that awful, brain-wrenching writer's block. If you have ever had a writer's block, then you understand.


Okay, let me slowdown and dig deeper into a few things about Kool-Aid. First off, it's a cool, refreshing drink. That is if you know how to mix it and then dowse it with shaved ice (my favorite) and know that Grape flavored Kool-Aid tastes so good after any day--good or depressing. Again, I urge you to not run out and buy Kool-Aid. I am not a paid endorsing fellow who can talk good about an American goodie. Secondly, I find that there may be a lot more grape flavored Kool-Aid lovers than their other flavors with their strawberry coming in with a sizzling second.

Kool-Aid can be drank with mixed company. One cannot be arrested for drinking Kool-Aid while riding in an automobile. You may not believe this, but I have met people who loved to eat Kool-Aid more than drinking it. By "eat" I mean, they open the package and pour the contents into the palm of their hands and let their tastebuds to the rest.

Now for the good things about a writer's block. There are a few that you may not know about. With a writer's block, you can sit back, drink coffee and just live. That is unless you are on a dangerous deadline with a screaming publisher who calls you every ten minutes telling you to just get it done. I cannot, in good conscience, say that this is a similarity to be compared to Kool-Aid.

A writer's block gives us time, valuable time, to do research about your existing topics that you were too busy or burned-out to write them. All things in time as some say. The late George Harrison, one of the Fab Four, released an album, "All Things Must Pass," and while I guess Harrison is right. He never had to face a writer's block or sample Kool-Aid for some wacky, way-out teen to find-out which was best, the Kool-Aid or writer's block.

But to offer a civil compromise, I suggest that when we face a writer's block, just pour yourself a tall glass of iced grape Kool-Aid, put your feet up and enjoy the time that has been given to you all courtesy of the good old writer's block.

Writer's block. Not a bad deal actually.

This is NOT a Product Endorsement.

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