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The Gates to Another World Open

I've been chasing after the unseen world ever since i first heard of it 7 years ago. This story tells of the exploration of this field.

We will find the garden again...


Astral plane...?

"You can go ANYWHERE in the world, and some people say in the universe,"

G excitedly explained to me, as his energy could picked up. "Even outside of it..."

Outside of the universe? -I thought to myself- what would even exist outside of the universe...? That does not even make sense. My mind was now starting to fill with thoughts I had once began to think were gone to me. A feeling of something beyond what I knew, unexplainable, on a grand scale. It felt like... expansion. I had experienced it at a younger age. Often when I would look through books of images captured of nebula and galaxies in outer space.

But, surely this was impossible. Other dimensions? Time travel? It sounds really cool and all, but I had learned to develop a cynicism for things of a supernormal nature. And then G said something else.

"You can also meet your spirit guides."

I looked at him curious, the strange phrase pulling me from my rising inner conflict.

Anticipating my confusion he explained, "They are like these spirits who stay with you your whole life, watching you and guiding you. Supposedly they can show you your past lives, and help you out with things."

My excitement was now on the same level as his. I felt hair on the back of my neck stand. I knew not to buy into it fully, but something about this idea fully took me. A spark lit somewhere deep down. Yes... oh yes. -I thought to myself- This is where I should be.

We stayed up the rest of that night, discussing more of the topic. The amazing feats supposedly accessible through this state, techniques for achieving it, what we would do. What became my prime fascination was the idea of the other realm known as the "Astral Plane". A dreamy, surreal, fascinating landscape where thoughts shape reality. What's more, the idea of uncharted land (if you could call it that) was infinitely tempting to me. What sort of things live there? Are they conscious like us? Do they know about us? What if we are alien to them as much as they would be to us? Do they know things we don't?

We wasted no time putting the techniques to use. and along with meditation we tried the old "stay still long enough" technique -which as most people know by now is total crap, (although not if you add some extra things to it which I will cover later in the series *winky face*)

We tried several techniques for most of the time we were together. Most of it was trying to mentally prep for the experience of "sleep paralysis" (Actually known as REM atonia, sleep paralysis is a medical condition) for it is attributed to horrifying experiences, and was a sort of marker on the way to "leaving the body". I had experienced becoming conscious during REM atonia several times as a child, losing sleep for many nights afterwards from the terror of slipping into it once again. (Nowadays I try to intentionally induce the state, and when I do manage to slip into it with awareness, I'm more excited than scared!) And was not too eager to experience it again. However now I was starting to feel something different.

If I can use it to get into the astral plane... -I thought- Maybe I can stand it... just gotta keep my eyes closed.

By the end of our time together, there was no success. We departed before the weekend was over, too tired to really say goodbyes or note anything that had happened. However, unlike every other time I left after one of our get togethers, I was quite different. I was struck by lightning, and still buzzing with the energy. "Hey mom," I asked as we drove away, "Are there any bookstores nearby?"

Sounds Of The Astral: Spacey Dreamy Rock! Distant Dream- It All Starts From pieces

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