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Emotional Thoughts on A Lost Bag of Dope

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I attend the University of The Living. All my education comes from first-hand experience's life throws my way.

Taken by Julie Zebley

Taken by Julie Zebley

Going To The Craft Store

This specific day was like no other, as many blogs and books will begin in a describing way. Ironically, it is exactly how my day was beginning in the suburbia neighborhoods where my sister dwells in the daily happenings of her busy life. Like many others before her, coming and going with only their needs on their mind. Many not even thinking how today could be the day they find a bag of dope on the road. I was no different. Completely oblivious to even the thought being mentioned. Onward I carried.

Deciding a trip to the local craft store was needed for more art supplies when I had no choice but to stop and fill up my car. Was next door to walking it. My car was running on fumes. Thing is, I had gotten lost due to not knowing the area. Wondering now, if I was placed at the right place, at the right time.

A Bag is Not A Bag Until You Fill It

Taking a double look is an understatement. It was noticeable before stepping out of the car. It shined like a pretty penny. And for a brief second the thought of it being tobacco crossed my mind. Then it left after I walked past it to go inside to pay. The decision was already made to phone out the police. That was dope! And my heart raced with many a thought, including could I be blamed for this.

As you can tell in the fuzzy photo, the dope is in a sandwich bag and twisted off. Surely this was not left behind in hopes a child would pick it up. Surely. But what if it was, my overactive brain went to pondering.

Safety of Our Neighborhoods

Drugs are everywhere. Now it was sitting on the ground at pump 6 at the local gas station. No more than 10 feet away from where I stood to pump. Waiting for some soul to recognize it, pick it up, and take it in.

While some who use would call me silly for phoning this into the police department, it does not concern me of their thoughts. What does though, is the reality of our streets. Where our young children roam. And what lingers next to their innocence.

It goes without saying that there are many articles across the way that speaks about the unsafe factors of marijuana. There are reads that support it, as well. But truly, to randomly come across it on the road like this, is a dangerous reality of how much dope truly exists. Stealing the minds of our future generations. Loading the prison walls. Costing taxpayers a heftier fine due to someone else's illegal doings. And no matter how medical marijuana is legal for some, this bag on the road is enough for jail time. Another mind wasted.


Calling The Cops

Truth? It concerned me calling and speaking with the cops. Another factor our world is now facing. Who do you trust? Knowing there was no way a drive off with no concerns was not happening in the near future, the dreaded call was made. It went smooth and officials came out. The dope was now off the road.

The Other Scenario

A young teen walking to the store to buy a candy bar sees the bag, picks it up and "enjoys" the effects. Now we have another user on the road. A pain to society and rehab centers across the nation. All because one person's addiction/dealings, has little to no regard for another person's life. It is about the money.

It is not the bag being on the ground that is the moral of this realty. It is the lack of care for life. That is the bottom line. Because if a user or dealer cared, there would be no drugs found on the road like this.

Talk To a Dealer

Dealers believe that it is your responsibility to be responsible for how much of a drug you intake. That if you overdose and die, you know the ropes of using. They have no blood on their hands. At least that is their mind set. Perhaps trained and warped to help them get through their day. Yet they sell lethal forms of how to get high. They do not care. It is about the greenbacks. It will buy them what they want, as you snort, sniff, inject and smoke your life into the garbage pail. And if you die, it was not a human who died, but a money-making prospect. Now here it is, a large bag of dope, at pump 6.

Driving Away

While playing a roll in the fight against drugs was nowhere on my mind when waking up that morning, it became so and has been since finding this bag only three days earlier. Most likely, finding another bag will never happen in my lifetime but let it be known should it happen, my reactions will be the same. The only thing different I would do ... take a better photograph.

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