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The Disheveled Reality of Our World is Confusing

Ken is a disabled American combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He was awarded a Purple Heart and the Bronze Star with V device medal.


Why climb a mountain looking for food while berries are abundant in the valley below?

Life is hard at times, isn’t it? No one likes hard times, preferring instead to seek out an easier way of doing things.

We humans always seem to be searching for something more than what exists right in front of our eyes. And, there are certainly times when we are able to channel our ingenuity to make things better for ourselves. I have seen it happen quite a few times.

What is it, though, that keeps us searching for “better?” When we start our search, I have noticed that, for the most part, we always try to make some “thing” better, even though it may not make some “one” better — building a better mousetrap, even though the first trap still works fine.

What would happen if we devoted as much time to make this world an equal, peaceful place to live? Let every race, color, creed, and belief structure have an equal presence among us. What would happen if we developed a way to remove hatred and bigotry from our world?

What would our world be like if we found a way to let every human being be or become anything they wanted to be or become? What if we could replace our disdain for certain entities with a “love thy neighbor” attitude?

None of this is impossible to achieve if only we can find a way to unite as a world to find the needed solutions. Regrettably, this will take centuries to accomplish, given the current state of the world’s affairs.


Change starts with education, then integration

We must make the world a better place to live, to love, and to reach out for happiness. Individually, it is next to impossible to achieve.

Too many chefs in the kitchen, all wanting to write their own recipes for moving forward, will only cause more chaos. Collectively, it could be done, as long as everyone will come together to agree on the proper course of action.

Each nation could appoint a single representative who would be empowered to negotiate a just, fair plan to establish greater equity in the world. Unfortunately, not every nation will agree to this.

That would require too much sacrifice and would cause the surrendering of too much power from within our world’s governing structure. The results we need to see will never be fulfilled unless we start taking positive steps to implement systemic change.

Mind you, I am not an advocate for any particular governing form. I am simply stating what I believe has to happen to enable parity and equity to exist on this planet.

The conversation I want to start has nothing to do with Marxism, or Capitalism, or any other style of governance. What I would like to see is all adversaries working together to solve the problems we have with equality.

Right now, nations are standing on the necks of the lowest among us — the poor, the indigent, and the less intelligent in our population. In the dog-eat-dog world we have created for ourselves, the lowest of us have little chance of bettering themselves and many among us want to keep it that way.

That’s the pity of it all! We keep climbing the same mountains looking for sustenance when it was right before our eyes in the valley we left below.

When will this nightmare end?

Thanks for reading this!

© 2021 Ken Kayse

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