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The Delights and Frustrations of Being a Teenager

The time of adolescence is a delightful yet frustrating period of time for teenagers. As teenagers, it is the time of boundless energy where we believe we can conquer anything in our path. However, adolescence is a transition from childhood to adulthood, thus teenage years bring about many changes, evident in the physical and mental maturation of a teenager. As such, there are many delights and frustrations of being a teenager.

Firstly, as teenagers, we have less financial burdens and worries as compared to adults. Teenagers usually receive allowance from their parents and they do not have to worry about putting food on the table. Teenagers, at this point of their lives, do not have to worry about making a living or earning money. Thus, it is said that adolescence is the most exciting period of one’s life as we are able to experience life without any burdens or worries.

Secondly, teenage years are when we learn new things about ourself and discover who we are. It is an exciting journey as we discover newfound talents and hobbies and develop as an individual. As teenagers, there are often many opportunities to learn or gain new skills, which would be useful and beneficial to us when we grow up. In addition, decisions made as a teenager usually do not have long-lasting consequences. As teenagers, we have the choice of pursuing careers we are interested in. We have the luxury of being able to change our career choice, instead of being tied down by a job, similar to what adults experience. Thus, being a teenager is delightful in some aspects.

However, there are also frustrations of being a teenager. Firstly, teenagers have to go through emotional adjustments as we learn to cope in the world. We need to modify expectations, cope with rejection as well as deal with the many changes occurring in our bodies. Furthermore, teenagers may struggle with the daunting changes and the adults are unable to understand. The latter, having gone through the adolescence stage, feels no need to console the teenager. This may lead to feelings of loneliness and helplessness as teenagers do not know where or who to seek advice from.

Secondly, another frustration of being a teenager is the peer pressure we face from our friends. As teenagers, we often feel obliged to do things that are ‘cool’, despite the fact that we may be aware that it is wrong. Some examples would be smoking and consuming drugs. Also, teenagers constantly face the fear of being labelled as ‘uncool’, or being outcasted by their friends. Hence, we tend to be extremely conscious about what our peers think of us, and go to great lengths to ensure that we are popular and well-liked. Since we base our self-worth on what others think of us, some teenagers may suffer from low self-esteem. However, on the bright side, as we mature into adults, we are more able to distinguish from right to wrong and not swayed by our peers into doing something wrong.

In conclusion, teenagers have their fair share of delights and frustrations. These delights and frustrations are part and parcel of growing up, as such, teenagers should learn to cope with them in a positive and beneficial manner, allowing teenagers to mature into healthy adults.

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