The Deception of Wooded Areas

Updated on January 30, 2018
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Kenneth is a rural citizen of Hamilton, Ala., and has begun to observe life and certain things and people helping him to write about them.

Look carefully and slowly at this photo. Do you see everything that's in this photo?
Look carefully and slowly at this photo. Do you see everything that's in this photo? | Source

Looks are deceiving. Some of the best three-word sentences have helped to produce the greatest essays, short-stories and commentaries. Why should this one be any different? By the time you read this sentence, you have glanced at the photo and your mind begun to wander. And wonder. Might as well toss that one in. Photos like paintings are deceptive. Sometimes deceptive can be describing the writer or painter. Personally, I am not deceptive, but I love the ability of creating those three-word sentences.

In your first glance at the photo above, do you recall your first question? With your permission, may I ask that your first query might have been: why is this picture on this piece? And that is a great example of Sensible Deduction. You are even wondering right now why I chose to publish such a photo. I know why. And when you too, know my reasoning, you will somehow find an area of agreement with me.

Have you seen everything with your naked eye that can be seen in this photo? This is not a trick question, so don't sull-up with me. I do not play games. And this is not another installment of SAW. I hated those films. What a complete waste of digital creativity. Let me deduce the SAW offerings to the most-menial of places: what was the point? Did you feel this way when you had finished the first SAW?

There is an elevated railroad system in this photo. Just the thing for a teenage guy to climb on, jump from, and let his imagination roar to life. I never had the luxury of playing near a railroad. I can put that on my "Deprived From Youth List," and to my dying day, resent that fact. My dad might have, if I had begged him, rode the country with me to find an elevated railroad and let me play on the structure for about two hours. That would have been enough for me. Even at a puny kid, I was not greedy.

There is also a swamp somewhere in this photo. This isn't a swamp, or just an elevated railroad, but heaven in a kid's imagination. The only monsters in "this" swamp are those of a teenage guy's imagination--the monsters can go, come, fly and walk. Even sit down and talk to the teenage guy running his imagination. Oh, how I wish that I had been raised near a patch of wooded land with a swamp and an elevated railroad for me to have as my very own playground. Well, not just "my very own," that is selfish. I would like for a few few of my buddies to come over and play games with me in these woods. What a great day out of school. What a better summer vacation when school was out.

And if the teenage guy's imagination should grow weary of such a lush, peaceful place to unleash his imagination, this wooded area would be THE ideal place to hide from my parents, teachers, police officers, doctors, nurses, neighbors, anyone anywhere. I would be invisible for all of them. Oh, sure, they all could organize and carry battery-operated flashlights yelling, "Keeennneeethhhh! Wheereee aarreeee yyyoouuuuu?" I would just keep still and chuckle silently while the search parties shuffle by. What a deceptive thing that I have just created.

Adulthood sucks.

© 2018 Kenneth Avery


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    • kenneth avery profile imageAUTHOR

      Kenneth Avery 

      2 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      Hello, Mr. Happy, up there in Toronto,

      You are right about Santa, my alter ego, I am in agreement. Maybe I should have qualified Deceptive and put "Harmful Deception,"--hey, a great title for a Tom Clancy book. Get on it and I will shoot you some ideas.

      I loved the two Walnut trees--and that big backyard, certainly a field for buddies to play football, right?

      And how you were so good at hiding. Now we are cooking with real matches.

      Did you Ever get the e-mail that I sent you?

      I would love to know your name and I would wager that my buddy, Les Walters, knew you at Troy St.

      Write ASAP and thanks again.

    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 

      2 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      "Personally, I am not deceptive" - Ohh, we are going to disagree here. I wrote on this many years ago: "On Deception, Out of Necessity". We all deceive, in different ways.

      Have You ever played-on with the Santa story? If You have then, You have deceived children lol I'm not saying it's a bad thing, I'm just saying: it happens. : )

      Got carried away there, sorry lol

      My first question was: is that a rail track? (On a closer look it seems it's just some sort of wooden walkway above a marsh.)

      Ya, I didn't like SAW either. Didn't even finish the first one. A complete waste. In my grandmother's words: "How is this useful to me?" LOL

      "What a great day out of school" - This made me think: You guys don't get to experience snow-days down south, at school I suppose? It's when schools shut down because the city/town gets overwhelmed with snow and comes to almost a complete stop.

      "this wooded area would be THE ideal place to hide from my parents" - My grandma had two huge Wall-nut Trees in her back garden (which was like two football fields put one on the end of the other). Well, up in one of those Wall-nut Trees I would hide when I was being called to do chores. Nobody ever found me there. It was a wickedly good spot to hide and from there, I could see a third of the village too. It was a great vantage point.

      Awesome story and brought back a bunch of memories. Thank You. Cheers!


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