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The Dangers of Obsession With Wealth and Material Possessions: A Cautionary Tale

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Obsession, compulsion, passion, and fascination are all related concepts, but they are not the same. Fascination can be a powerful force that provokes thoughts, aims, or necessities, but it is often misunderstood and conflated with beauty. However, there is a clear distinction between these ideas, and it is worth exploring this difference to gain a deeper understanding of their roles in our lives.

Defining Beauty

The concept of beauty is multifaceted and can vary greatly from person to person. While physical attractiveness is often associated with beauty, it is not the only factor at play. The thoughts and personal qualities of an individual, such as kindness, generosity, and positivity, can also contribute to their overall attractiveness, although this may not always be immediately apparent. It is often only through personal interaction and getting to know someone that the full extent of their beauty becomes apparent.

How Beauty And Fascination Are Misunderstood

Fascination can be difficult to understand, as it often mimics or disguises beauty. Imagine fascination as a dress and beauty as the body. Fascination can cover or obscure the true essence of beauty, but it is the beauty itself that is the true and original essence. A person who is well-dressed and handsome may be attractive when viewed from a distance, but it is not necessarily an indication of their true beauty as a person. It is important to remember that beauty is more than just surface-level appearances, and it is often only through deeper personal interaction that the full extent of someone's beauty becomes apparent.

The Evolution of Obsession

Obsessions are powerful forces that can shape our thoughts and beliefs. When we have repeated thoughts about something, we may begin to believe that these thoughts are true and real. This can lead to a sense of compulsion or necessity, which can eventually evolve into a person's passion or purpose in life. Understanding how obsessions can develop and evolve can help us to better understand the driving forces behind our actions and motivations.

The Spiral of Obsession

How Daily Routines, Appearance, and Thoughts Affect Beauty and Fascination

Two friends, both studying the same course, have a noticeable difference in their daily routines and appearance. One friend arrives at university on a bike while the other uses an expensive car, and one wears the same clothes repeatedly while the other never wears the same outfit even after months. The first friend may not be immediately fascinating, but their beauty is subjective and dependent on their thoughts and actions. The second friend is undoubtedly fascinating, but their beauty is also influenced by their thoughts and actions.

Without a doubt, the underlying factor at play here is money.

The Perils of Prioritizing Money Over Personal Growth

As the first student observes the second student's lavish lifestyle and focuses on material possessions, he becomes fascinated and begins to shift his priorities. Previously, he believed that the purpose of education was to become a well-rounded, compassionate human being. However, after repeatedly seeing the second student's obsession with wealth and status, he becomes convinced that the true goal of education is to earn a high salary and acquire expensive possessions. This belief becomes a compulsion for him, and he becomes determined to succeed financially at any cost. As a result, he ignores other important goals and values and becomes focused solely on making money. This mindset is likely to attract others who are similarly fascinated by wealth and status, perpetuating a cycle of prioritizing material success over personal growth and development.

Solutions to Distractions in Higher Education

  • One important thing to consider is the importance of listening carefully when someone is speaking. Oftentimes, we try to attract others through our appearance, rather than focusing on the kindness and sweetness of our words. This desire to stand out can distract young students from their goals and ambitions.
  • One solution to this issue is to implement specific uniforms for students at universities like we have at the school level, to emphasize the importance of education and discourage distractions.
  • Another solution is to provide a university-wide pick-up and drop-off service, rather than allowing students to use personal or public transportation. This would help to create a more cohesive and focused learning environment.

Implementing these strategies can help to shift the mindset of students and address the underlying issue of inferiority in our society. The potential impact of these measures is significant, and it is worth considering giving them a chance to see the transformative results for ourselves.

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