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The Pleasures and Perils of The Barn Loft

Kenneth, born and raised in the South, resides in Hamilton, Alabama. He enjoys sharing his unique perspectives on life through his writing.

People, places, and things. Nouns that make the world a very interesting place. Can you imagine what our universe would be without Nouns? Well, I could make the case that "if" I had not been born, or you maybe, the world would be filled with plenty of God's handiwork--butterflies, animals, fish, whales, and all creeping things. Sure. He would be as content with a few black stallions in some obscure canyon somewhere in Wyoming. Or would He? That is what you will have to answer yourself. God made us in His own image and loves us way too much to write down our numerous faults and while I am talking (only) to me, I know that God has seen me through many trials and tests throughout my life and I know that He created all things to give Himself pleasure. Rev. chapter 4. Speaking of creation, one of the very best of His works was the Barn Loft. Enjoy. Kenneth.

Chickens love to live in the barn loft.

Chickens love to live in the barn loft.

I'm Excited to Tell

you the short story about my experience concerning the barn loft. I first learned about this magnificent place when I was seven. I was like most seven-year-old's, awkward, clumsy, and yet so happy at the most-simple places and things. I can assume that my love for the barn loft described it without flaw. Most-simple cannot be improved on. No matter if you are talking about cars, girls, or barn lofts. The phrase itself is perfect. So is any barn loft.

I dare say that there's not a kid in any part of our great world that has not enjoyed the space, time, and memories (made) in someone's barn loft. It's most-comely for a kid NOT to be drawn to such a place as the barn loft. Impossible covers it well. As kids, we ALL love the barn loft.

I can't prove it, but I would wager heavily that Colin Luther Powell the American statesman and a retired four-star general in the United States Army and as an American kid, knew what the meaning of "barn loft" meant. The barn loft was respecter of national origin, sex, or age. There has never been an angry barn loft atmosphere. A dozen kids could run up a ladder and within half-hour, could imagine themselves in all sorts of "battles" such as The Alamo, War of 1812 and as many "battles" that these little guys could imagine--and it was due to the peace that can only be found in a barn loft.

Teenagers imagined on a different level: puberty and how it affected them. There have been a limitless number of stolen teenage kisses in a cozy barn loft. I may be getting a bit bold here, but there have been that many stolen kisses among people who are married, but not to each other. Shoot! I am frustrated at why the various film studios in Hollywood haven't scored an Academy Award winning movie where the barn loft was the main star.

I remember the very time--1 pm., on June 4, on School Break and I had just finished one of my grandma's best cooking. The weather was very hot. And for nothing better to do, I set out to explore the barn that set off to the yard and see if I could find myself a hiding place--a place known only to me, no one else. A place where I could just sit safely and think. Or not. I tell you that if you were a kid whose grandparents owned a barn with loft, the kid was most happy, but if the kid lived on a farm and his parents owned a barn with a loft, he was ecstatic. I cannot tell you any plainer.

There was this wooden ladder that the builder (whomever that was) had fixed to the inner-wall of this barn and I stood back far enough to see where the top of the ladder ended and when I found it, I was very happy because if I were to be a part of trouble or tame shenanigans, all that I would have to do is run inside the tall weeds around the barn--then with the speed of Mighty Mouse, scamper up that ladder and lay down into complete peace and safety.

It worked several times for me when school was out. I got away clean. Do you like my usage of early 1940s Mob Talk? I wasn't a mean kid, but rambunctious. I had a little too much clean energy. That's all.

There was this one occasion that my grandpa, (a stingy, short-tempered man), got ill with me doing something that he deemed to be wrong for a seven-year-old and I disagreed right off. I mean, most of grandpa's judgments were okay and he did make it to home plate many times, but on "this" moment he was dead wrong and I simply told him of his error.

I remember him telling me off and during my being told-off, I just got out of his yapping and ran toward the weeds and into the barn. No sweat. I made it clean away. (more Mob Talk). I lay on my stomach and stayed perfectly-still. Just barely breathing. Then I heard him coming--mumbling underneath his breath. I stayed still. Didn't make a move.

"Hey, boy! I know that you are up there!" grandpa Avery snapped. I still didn't move.

"I said, get down from there! Now!" he snapped again. And I still didn't make one move.

I waited. If I were anything I was patient. Grandpa never made-me (I cannot stop this Mob Talk). I was breathing with joy. Now to be honest, there was a good amount of dust in the loft that became unbearable when a sudden draft came blowing through, but if that was the only draw-back, fine. I loved the barn loft.

Case in point:my patience and position (in the loft) saved the day for me. There was this one other time when I was not up in the loft, but splitting some stove wood for my grandpa and grandpa Avery told me off for touching the old, beaten-up axe that I was using to split the wood. My only question was: what else was I supposed to use in splitting the stove wood? Grandpa used his "Judas Iscariot Card" at dinner that night and my butt was cooked. The only punishment I received was from my dad who told me to apologize to grandpa and I could tell that he loved humbling me. Well, the thing is, I didn't mean any of the words that came from my mouth.

In closing, a kid can grow up on a farm with a barn or even visit a relative who owns a barn where he or she can visit their loft and grow up very happy. A kid is is under no obligation to do or saying anything while they are in a loft. Some kids even take their iPad's, laptop's or books to enjoy if they have found out (the same thing that I did) how amazingly-comforting it is while they are inside a loft. Yes, there are those kids who are attached to their pets who can climb up a ladder and put their pet in a backpack and spend a few hours of "Pet Time" with them in a loft.

The choices are limitless. I am just saddened now to think that talking about each point about a barn loft cannot be mentioned. I guess that these remarks in this piece will just have to do.

___________________________________________March 30, 2018.

This is the inside of a barn loft.

This is the inside of a barn loft.

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