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The Alleged Secret Games That Some Late-Night Employees Play

I was born in the south. I live in the south and will die in the south. This is only a small part of the memories I share.

Let me ask you a

serious question: ever get in one of "those" moods? You know, "that" kind of mood that defies logic and has its own cheerleader who motivates you into keeping your pace up or there's the endzone! I am thankful that my mental faculties do not contain the over-kill, over-done "hit that line!" that only Ronald Reagan could enjoy.

This is the type of food that the restaurant (in my story) sells and never closes.

This is the type of food that the restaurant (in my story) sells and never closes.

The Time

of which I speak, always staggers in about 2 am and stays awake until 4 am, two tough hours to be a cowboy one more time, so let me see how much coffee I have. Good. At least five more cups. My mood brought me to a place where I've frequented a lot, but not in the hours of 2 through 5 am, but I feel that I need to do this. Even my personal motivator, "Stacey C," agrees with me about taking a road trip and visit a certain waffle shop located in Tupelo, Miss., "The King's Birthplace." Yeah, man.

I love "this" waffle restaurant. My family and I have visited "this" restaurant all over northwest, northeast Alabama and two in the Tupelo, Miss.--and I cannot tell you why "Stacy C." my personal motivator is all fired-up wanting to go on a very late road trip just to see what the staff of "this" restaurant does from the hours of 2 am. and 10 am. That's eight hours, folks. You put two girls, two guys, or three girls and two guys, with very little to do besides listen to their time-clock tick, you might have yourself a peck o' trouble.

I'm not throwing off at "this" restaurant. Not in the least. But there has been times when my wife and I were near one of these waffle places during some Christmas shopping and frankly, the hour was late. We were hungry and I didn't want my wife to do any cooking knowing that it would be even later when we got home, so we pulled into this waffle place and had what I think would be a very late dinner or very early breakfast--at any rate, their food was exquisite.

What I'm struggling to say is: in the wee-hours of the morning, do "we," the average consumer really know what goes on when the customers are all gone? I don't. You don't, so that leaves the workers at this waffle place to do whatever these late-night waffle employees do that will never come to the light of day. And that is a very scary thought.

The one time when my wife and I were frequenting this waffle place in Tupelo, I remember seeing a girl employee who I thought was really pretty and she and this waffle place employee were flirting behind the customer's backs and I really thought that the two of them would start-up at any minute showing customers and myself no shame and no self-respect to speak of. This is so scary.

On another occasion, I saw this middle-aged waffle employee whom I thought was so lovely, well, she was exchanging little pieces of paper with the male waffle place manager and both of them had "that" look about them--the look of soon-to-be unbridled lust. Are you getting all of this?

And I should be asking, why can't the late-night workers do things that you and I would be shown the door, but they get away with it? It's not right. And all we have to do is if they can live with it, we can too.

Months ago from the last visit to the waffle place in Florence, Ala., while my wife and I along with our three grandkids were dining and I caught the glimpse of two female waffle place employees yakking 60 mph--trying to juggle orders, bringing fresh coffee, and never missing a beat. And YES, this too was from around 1 and 2 am. Same thoughts that I had with the other things that I witnessed at the late night hour.

At this time, a stronger, more pleasing thought occurs: what would "I" do if I were one of those late-night waffle places always working on the late shift? This situation is not for me to judge. So I should pack it in and leave it alone.

But one thing's for sure: these guys sure know how to make great waffles.

__________________________________March 18, 2018

A waiter's work is tough, but the best waiter can really pull down the cash.

A waiter's work is tough, but the best waiter can really pull down the cash.

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