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The 24 x 7 Generation

Chitrangada loves to read and write.The many possibilities of Online writing excites, and enthuses her, to rediscover herself as a writer.

The 24 x7 generation

The 24 x7 generation

Video conference in progress

Video conference in progress

Weekly Word Prompt: Generation

Dear friend Brenda has provided another interesting weekly word prompt.

Word Prompt: Generation

Generation, can be loosely described as, the average period, usually considered to be about 20 to 30 years, during which children are born, grow up and become adults, and then have their own children.

Generation has vast meanings, but here I want to focus on only one aspect.

In my response to the word prompt, I have tried to draw attention to the work culture of the present times, what the present generation thinks about it, and what the earlier generations think about it. I have tried to explain it by means of a short story.
There is a poem also, which tries to highlight our responsibilities towards the future generations.

Hope the readers like it.

The 24 x 7 Generation

"Please go to sleep, Puja! It's already 11 in the night, how would you feel fresh in the morning?" Anita asked her daughter in a worried tone.

"Don't worry Mom, I have few calls and a video conference from USA, and then I will be free. I will be fine and fresh for the morning as well. You please go and sleep.” Puja tried to assure her Mother.
”But, you had your dinner also hurriedly. What if, you feel hungry late in the night?” Anita was still worried for her daughter, who was engrossed in her official commitments.

”Don’t worry at all Maa, I will manage. Just keep those dry fruits handy, if i need it, I will take it.” Puja reassured her mother, with her eyes still on her computer screen!

How the work culture has changed for the present generation

Puja is a 22 years young software engineer, and she works for a software company based in USA.
Her mother Anita belongs to a generation, when office work started usually at 9 in the morning and ended at around 5 in the evening. It’s difficult for her to understand, the official commitments of young employees.

  • With globalisation, and the technological advancements, the work culture has undergone tremendous changes all over the world.
  • It just doesn’t matter, what time of the day or night it is, in your part of the world. If the work has to be finished now, there can be urgent meetings, since communication is not a problem. Every employee is available at the click of a button or just a call away.
  • While there are considerations, not to unnecessarily call, at odd hours, but the unwritten rules are flexible, according to the importance of the work.
  • For the present generation, this is quite normal, and they don’t complain at all.
  • They know pretty well, how to balance personal life and work.
  • It’ s amazing and praiseworthy to see how they manage time for family, kids, entertainment, fitness, along with work commitments.
  • Their energy level is infectious and their enthusiasm for work must be appreciated.
  • Due to the Internet, wi-fi, Zoom meetings, video calls, emails, etc. anyone and everyone is always connected with each other.
  • This has helped speed up the work, and increased overall efficiency as well.
  • They believe in achieving their targets. Days and nights don’t matter much to them. (With reference to the different time zones in the World)
  • The Pandemic has opened the possibilities of WFH (work from home).
  • With all it’s positives and negatives, the WFH culture is here to stay, and no one is complaining.

But, what about Anita, and the people from her generation?
Well I believe, change is the only constant, and it’s wise to accept the generational changes, rather than keep repeating —“Oh! It was not like this, when we were young!”

From one generation to another

From one generation to another

Generation: Poem

From one generation to another,

One hands over, another takes over,

Culture and traditions,

Joys and sorrows,

What we plant, we harvest,

Our good Karma,

An asset to the future generations,

Hand over carefully,

Build happy memories,

So, they lead joyful lives,

Impart sound knowledge,

And high ideals for the future generations,

Transfer the happiness ‘keys’,

From one generation to the next.

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