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Being Thankful

As Thanksgiving day is winding down and coming to a close, many people have given thanks today for numerous different things. There has been thanks given for the family and friends that surround us. There has been thanks given for the food that was so carefully prepared by many in households all over the country. Many have even given thanks for the opportunity to be able to celebrate another day.

So many take this holiday for granted by just ignoring it or not really putting any thought into it. Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time of giving and helpfulness. A time for gathering with family and loved ones. A time of celebration of another year that we get to see and be with that family.

A lot of families do not even get together for this holiday, instead, they choose to celebrate it in many different households. Some only celebrate with certain parts of their families.

It is sad how many families intentionally choose to be separated from other family members just so that they don't have to deal with them. It is also sad how many families allow drama and pettiness to destroy their families.

I find it amazing that when an elder generations passes away in a family,,,then that family almost becomes non-existent to others. Its as if the family just falls apart intentionally, because the elder member is no longer there to hold the rest together.

Take my family for grandpa died in '98 when i was still a teenager. My family was always a close-knit family up to that point. We were all always together for any manner of reasons. Whether it be church with my grandpa or Christmas or even Thanksgiving. Yet once he was was like my family split into two pieces. You had the ones who had a bit of wealth to their names go one way and the ones more moderately middle-classed go another, while completely cutting off the other side of the family all together.

For many years now I have not seen my whole family in the same place ever. Not since grandpas passing. My mom and her siblings barely if ever talk to each other. I have aunts and uncles I have not seen now in more then 10 years, because that side does not associate with our side.

When others are gathering and celebrating with family and loved ones my little group and i stay to ourselves. My family these days consist of my husband who loves and adores me, sure we have our ups and our downs, but what married couple doesn't? I also have my almost 15-year-old daughter, who at times drives me nuts, but who has a big heart. My 13-year-old son means the world to me. I wish others could learn to understand him though. Our 12-year-old daughter is as sweet as pie, but packs an attitude bigger than the whole galaxy combines.

That is my family and those are the ones I am thankful for above all else. I thank God for the family that I have each and every day because I know what it is like growing up in a family that is divided and that is the last thing that I want for our family.

So the point to all this is be thankful for those around you. Be thankful for what you have even if it isn't alot, because honestly you never know what tomorrow may bring.