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Thank You, Turtles, For Your Friendship

Kenneth does have a passive attitude toward certain issues in life, but not with sexual harassment and bullying. I can't let these areas go.

Turtle Endures A Sneaker.

Please Forgive My Headline

because one, I did not want to come off publishing a cute headline about such an important reptile: our friend, the turtle. But do not get confused. There are differences in turtles, terrapin's, and tortoises. Oh, they all like familiar, but they live their own pattern of life and they are quite happy. (Sure wish that our society could learn that.)

And let us not forget that there was a somewhat-successful rock band in the late 60s, by the name of the Turtles—the band did NOT dress in turtle get-up’s, they only churned-out one hit song after the other. Their number one song was entitled: “Eleanor,” and I know that if any of you are a survivor of the 60s, you know this song by heart.

Let us not neglect “The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” who blew on the scene and millions of young people loved them. From their TV work to film, these guys were definitely a hit. I can say (in faith) that the creator(s) of this group are never going to have to work again. Would you?

What beautiful scenes the turtle produce on or in the sea.

What beautiful scenes the turtle produce on or in the sea.

Now Back To Turtles

and I am being very respectful here. Personally, I have grown-up with turtles. From the small to the biggest, I have always found turtles to be a great source of information and entertainment. Several times in my adolescence years, I did catch several turtles and place them into shoe boxes with water and plenty of green, leafy vegetables for them to eat. They stayed with me until I went to bed and they they made their break and I was not able to track them down.

Looking back and reflecting on my times with turtles, I have caught several species of turtle, all except the vicious Snapping Mud Turtle that almost bit me, but was saved my quick-thinking dad—who did not let the growling and snapping phrase him as he just lifted up the monster by the tail and threw it over in a hog pen where a few hogs were feeding, and neither did the Snapping Mud Turtle cause them to run away in fright.

And just for a few thoughts about turtles that you might find interesting: (I cannot confirm or deny that any of these items are true).

I truly believe that the late Marilyn Monroe just have had a deep love for turtles—from their slow walking and never being afraid of anyone. So it stands to reason that Monroe just might have been a big fan of turtles.

When it comes to eating, notice carefully, how the turtle never gorges his/herself when meal time rolls around. This disciplined-diet attributes to the turtle’s slim body and now that I have mentioned the turtle’s body---this diet, so to speak, would further the turtle in getting in and out of his/her shell. And more rapidly if his/her life were being threatened.

I have never known of any turtle worrying about what it looks like to other animals and human beings. Turtles just slowly go about life staying out of the way and eating the foods that are good for it and sneaking back into its shell for a long nap.

I did not know that turtles ever made a sound, but when you watch the video (at the top) you will hear a small screeching—that can only come from the turtle.

Turtles relaxing, taking in the sunshine as life goes by.

Turtles relaxing, taking in the sunshine as life goes by.

Things About Turtles We Will Never See:

  • A turtle joining Hell’s Angels a riding on the lead motorcycle.
  • A turtle becoming a star on a hit Hollywood sitcom. Hey, “Alf”did it, why not a turtle?
  • Turtles will never drive in the Indy 500 or any NASCAR event. Turtles are always watching for ways to avoid trouble.
  • In courtship, the male and female do not get in a big hurry to consummate their quick-relationship, so in Turtledom, especially the males, there is NO “wham bam! Thank you, ma’am and I’m gone.”
  • I doubt that any turtle (not the Rock band) will ever be on America’s Got Talent.

Frankly, and without apology, I love and respect all turtles—even the huge tortoises found on Galápagos Islands in Ecuador. Fact: these special tortoises are guarded by these islands and it is a serious thing to try and poach one of these giants. But I do get such a kick in watching them move around so slowly and I am amazed at how long they can live—some live to be 125 years old.


about my friends, the turtle. I can say without hesitation or apology, that I have never attempted to hurt or maim any turtle of any genre, shape, color or age. I can sit here and believe that according to my love and respect for turtles and how that I have never harmed them, if there is such a thing as Karma, has been watching me.

June 8, 2019_________________________________________________

© 2019 Kenneth Avery

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