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Term Limits -- It Would Work in the NFL and the Federal Government

I was born in the south. I live in the south and will die in the south. This is only a small part of the memories I share.

 Bill Belichick has led the Patriots to multiple Super Bowl championships.

Bill Belichick has led the Patriots to multiple Super Bowl championships.

Well, the undertaker drew a heavy sigh

Seeing no one else had come

And a bell was ringing in the village square

For the rabbits on the run

— ~~~~~~~~ Paul McCartney

The Curtain is Up

people. Newsflash! In 2019, Feb. 3 in exact terms, the Patriots won Super Bowl LIII, (53) earning Brady his sixth super bowl title, becoming the first player in history to have won six Super Bowls. Over his career, Brady has won three league MVP awards, six Super Bowls, and four Super Bowl MVP Awards. Not bad for a Michigan Wolverine alumus. Not bad at all.

That’s nothing. Nancy Pelosi, who could pass for a wolverine, has been at her job 17 terms. This beats Brady, Belichick, Gronk, and Robert Kraft, CEO, and the number one Cheese Marketer for Kraft Foods. Not bad, Nancy. Not bad at all.

Looking back, on Sunday, Los Angeles Rams' coach Sean McVay valiantly-lead his team to the 2019 Super Bowl, LIII, versus the New England Patriots. McVay, who is more than 30 years younger than Patriot's coach Bill Belichick, will make history as the youngest head coach to ever coach at the big game. Not bad at . . .Sheesh! All of this apple polishing has turned my stomach.

Official portrait of U.S. Representative and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

Official portrait of U.S. Representative and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

This Piece is a Historical Piece

in that this makes the second hub that I have penned about Tom Brady, the Patriots, and uhhh, anyone else who might come to my mind. This one, I promise to be a bit better. At least I didn’t yell, hold the presses!

This narrative lies not in the celebrated, history-making Super Bowl win by Brady, Belichick, Kraft, Gronk, and the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Hotlanta, Ga. (I can be cute at will), but a ticklish little ditty that seems to be floating around Washington, of course in the secret places that not even Gordon Liddy can find. The topic is Term Limits for Congressman and Senators.

While I’m at it and having such a great time, Paul McCartney and Wings hold the record for number of LPs on tour and McCartney also holds the number of songs that he and John Lennon penned when they were members of the Fab Four. Okay. I cannot disrespect McCartney because it would be out and out blasphemy to Rock Royalty. And while I have shared the main ideas about McCartney and Wings and Lennon, I am leaving them from here because Rock Stars, Musicians, Bands, Broken-up Bands, Reunited Bands, Bands in General have NO term limits. I could just climb on top of my house and yell for joy!

And while I have did an awful job of digging up dirt to cover-up Term Limits, I have an idea that I think just might work: Term Limits for Number of Super Bowl Wins. Now that the shock of my thought is gone, we can talk some more about how certain teams in the NFL can work their butt’s to power during the regular season, but as soon as they hit the Super Bowl, in walks Bilicheck, Brady, Kraft, Gronk and the Willy Wonka Cheese Factory and wins yet another Super Bowl making them 45 making the Patriots THE all-time Champions of The Universe.

My Idea is Sensible Because

it is fair. And even Colin Capperknick would agree since we have evolved into a country of fairness and tolerance. l can go further. The Champion of Civil Rights, Dr. Martin Luther King would not have one problem in pushing Term Limits for the NFL in a New York minute. I will elaborate. In this time of historical changes and making a country that is equal for all and I think that the NFL should be included.

Listen here! Here are my reasons why I think there should be Term Limits for the NFL

  • There are 32 teams right now that make-up the NFL, and depending on the Draft, virtually the same team(s) come out with all of the No. 1 picks while the lesser-than-an-NFL-Power are left looking from outside in.
  • Fans have had enough of watching The Patriots and the limitless entourage(s) prior to, during, and after the Patriots win and win and win some more.
  • If a Term Limits were imposed, I think that the NFL could enjoy a system of fairness and this would allow teams that are always the brides-maids to have a chance of winning it all.
  • I want to see and hear some new blood at the NFL podiums when the questions are asked of why their team made it although they had to really dig for the last eight games. I know that all of you are on the side of disagreement, but maybe not this idea, but (an) idea that could be used as a model for Congress and Senate--in that each of the Congressmen (and women) and Senators, when they win, would only serve eight terms and then allow other people to try-out their ideas out on the American people.

Of course, all of this "simple" idea of Term Limits for the NFL is just another dream that will only be brought-up, and maybe a head will nod, and then Tom Brady would continue to tell how he won Super Bowl 67 single-handed.

But I would push for Paul McCartney and the Wings to tour America, namely in the area where I live, so McCartney and I could sit down and talk about the NFL Term Limits to get his input.

Hmmm. Not bad. Not bad at all.


McCartney and Linda in 1976.

McCartney and Linda in 1976.

P.S. to Everyone

I apologize if any of you just got offended by the text in this piece because of the personal dilemma that I have had to endure: to be honest with myself, you, and the universe about how I feel about one team, one person always coming out on top.

But it occurs to me, maybe too late, or maybe not at all. Tom Brady as well as the current NFL stars, Gronk, and the L.A. Rams, and the other NFL teams with stars in their eyes and hefty bank amounts.

Outside the Mercedez-Benz Stadium, a horrible creature stood, maybe sat. He was dressed in black--no not a member of Hell's Angels, but someone worse. This figure is always present with special events and people congregate---then he begins to unwind his massive clock that removes each second of time that is put upon these athletes, singers, bands, etc., and when those seconds are finished, what is left is really a sight for pity.

I remember the Johnny Unitas, Joe Namath, and others who lived in the spotlight only maybe for a season, but they lived it. And when their time of fame ended, they somehow faded away from the light. So will the sudden stars of 2019 be.



Ken Avery on February 16, 2019:

MH: good to know. Peace, and may God bless you and yours.

Mr. Happy from Toronto, Canada on February 15, 2019:

Flights to Birmingham, Alabama are farily cheap. Just saying. Haha!!

Ken Avery on February 14, 2019:

Hi, MH -- a wolverine? LOL. Thanks for your support.

And you make a good point for Hell's Angels and Pelosi. You are one smart guy with such a comedy gift.

Mistter Happy, you must visit me in Alabama and we could drink coffee, black, eat doughnuts, with creme inside, oh then I could talk to you about your book.


Mr. Happy from Toronto, Canada on February 05, 2019:

"That’s nothing. Nancy Pelosi, who could pass for a wolverine" - Haha!! A Wolverine ... haha!! You're hilarious lol You just made my day!

"no not a member of Hell's Angels, but someone worse" - I'd rather deal with the Hells Angels than Pelosi. Well, I already have, haha!!

Alrighty, I gotta run out soon but thanks for this piece of writing. I'm all for term limits too! Pelosi isn't even that bad. Just picture a creature like me in office, with Transylvanian blood running through my veins: I might be in office for ever and ever.

Good article - I'm all for discussing social issues. Cheers!

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