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Ten For Life: Films

Time marches on, and I recognize that it is something that we cannot battle. We can defy or perhaps delay it, but in the end, it will win.

One cabinet containing over 400 DVD's.We have another in our son's room, and a tub full in storage. Sigh.

One cabinet containing over 400 DVD's.We have another in our son's room, and a tub full in storage. Sigh.

Something Old...

Recently, my wife and I purchased a tiny cabin on a lake. When I say tiny, I mean it. 240 square feet, no bathroom or kitchen, no bedroom. It does have a fridge, water closet (of a sort), two reclining sofas and a 12' x 12' deck. Our plan is to enclose the deck and create a bedroom; install a toilet and small septic system; a couple of cabinets and small sink; and eventually move into this and live out our lives quietly.

In looking ahead to this possibility, I am beginning to sift through my DVD's and books to see what I would keep and take to our new tiny home. I am arbitrarily putting a cap of ten on each form of entertainment, from films to books to TV shows we have on DVD. I plan to write about each choice here just to share my thoughts, and for you to think about a "what if" scenario for yourself in the future.

Part of this is also a reaction to what my wife and I just went through with her mother. She had another stroke in January and has been in a facility ever since. We went through her house hoard and it was devastating to see what all she had collected over the years, and just how much was simple waste. We made a promise to not leave such a situation to our children and thus, a tiny home and minimal things kept.

First, some honorable mentions...

Ten DVD's of films is not much at all, so some favorite films of mine will naturally be left off. Films like Ben Hur; Little Big Man; and Apollo 13 didn't make the cut. Others include:

Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee

The Great Escape

Heart of the Sea

A River Runs Through It (Yes, I know. It is one of my top two films of all time, but I choose the book as opposed to the film to include in my Tiny Home Collection.)

Westworld (Film, not series)

Jurassic Park

and finally, The Cowboys, True Grit, and The Shootist. Basically, every John Wayne western ever. I love John Wayne, but I love other films more.

Science Fiction Films

2001: A Space Odyssey. This classic is an all time, forever favorite of mine. I never get tired of watching it, and it stands the test of time for me.

The Day The Earth Stood Still. The original, not the Keanu Reeves remake. It's warning for Earth to clean up its act, the robot Gorm, and the incredible performance by Michael Rennie as Klaatu is simply outstanding.

The Andromeda Strain. My first SciFi film ever seen. Again, the cautionary tale of what the world is going to do stands out, and the cast is excellent.

The Planet of the Apes. The original is simply perfection. Charlton Heston is fantastic in this film, and the special effects are extremely well done for the time it was filmed. And because I have the complete series of films in one DVD collection, I get a special by having four more of them to watch. Cheating? No, not really.

You will notice I did not include any Star Wars or Star Trek films here. It was difficult, but I had to exclude some great films and franchises. Life is tough.


SciFi and Westerns are my favorite genres in film. I have hundreds of films I love, but with a limit of ten total, the choices are difficult. With that being said, here we go.

Last of the Dogmen. My wife and I absolutely love this movie. The scenery, the music, and the story about Cheyenne Dog Soldiers surviving in the Montana wilderness is captivating.

Jeremiah Johnson. Quite simply, the best film I have ever seen. Without a doubt, I have watched this film 500 times; I know the script by heart; and I know the songs by heart as well.

The Last of the Mohicans. James Fenimore Cooper's tale from the Leatherstocking series of books, starring Daniel Day Lewis, is visually stunning. The music is haunting and beautiful at the same time, and the acting is incredible. Wes Studi, Daniel Day Lewis, Madeleine Stowe, Russell Means, and Eric Schweig lift this movie to the highest heights possible.

Again, no John Wayne films, no Clint Eastwood films, not even Tyrone Powers as Jesse James. Damn, this is hard.

Other Genres...

Hatari! This is my favorite John Wayne film. Add the fact that he did all of his own stunts in this film set in Africa, including roping zebras, giraffes and a rhino from the hood of a chase truck, it just doesn't get any better than this.

The Goonies. I can't help myself: I love this movie! It is funny, exciting, and features a cast that has gone on to great things as they grew up. Sean Astin as Mikey became Samwise Gamgee in The Lord of the Rings; Josh Brolin as Brand became Thanos in The Avengers films; Anne Ramsey, Robert Davies, and Joe Pantiliano have had great careers as well. Marsha Plimpton and Corey Feldman found success in films. And who doesn't love Chunk and his Truffle Shuffle played by Jeff Cohen, who finds and adopts John "The Tooz" Matusek as Sloth (Hey you guys!). And I can't forget Data, with his James Bond 007 gadgets! Whenever it comes on, I watch it.


And Number Ten Is...

That's nine DVD's. 2001, Andromeda Strain, Day The Earth Stood Still, Planet of the Apes, The Goonies, Hatarii!, Jeremiah Johnson, Last of the Dogmen and Last of the Mohicans. Room for just one more.

Should I choose The Ten Commandments? Heston and Yul Brynner are fantastic in this classic. Maybe Casablanca? Gone With The Wind? Logan's Run? Blazing Saddles! I mean, how do I leave one of the greatest comedies of all time out of my Ten Films? Irreverent, wrong in so many ways, groundbreaking and earth shattering, it is another film I watch every single time it comes on, no matter what. I watch Youtube videos about it, and laugh my butt off every single time.

What to choose, what to choose?

Tombstone. Kurt Russell as Wyatt Earp and Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday are outstanding. Couple that with the fact I met "Turkey Creek Jack Johnson", as in Buck Taylor, at SDC and even spent a lot of time with him over two seasons during the Cowboy Festival and I have a Director's Cut DVD signed by Buck and an actual painting done by Buck, the choice is easy. Oh, and my phone was used for a conversation between Buck and Val (Buck's phone was dead) where Val invited Buck to watch him in a live show in Springfield, and Buck talked to me to see what I thought about his going to it; I mean, memories, man!

So, there it is, my Ten For Life Films I will take to our new tiny home.

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