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Tears of Authenticity


Your teardrops have soaked deeply into the shoulder of my favorite sweater, the one that you gave to me all those years ago. Tears do not often leave behind a stain, but I promise you that I will always see them. The pain that you feel for simply being yourself is now a part of my wardrobe, therefore I now feel this pain as well. To see your beautiful green eyes weep time and time again pulls on my heartstrings in a way that I cannot quite put into words.

By no fault of your own, you are surrounded by people that are unable to see you the way that a captivating girl like you should be seen. Do not be sad my love, for these people are all simply products of their environments. They are impressionable beings who constantly attempt to mold themselves in order to fit the ever-changing trends of the day. You however, do not change or conform. You are unapologetically authentic, and you have always been this way.

The charisma that flows through you turns every head that you come across. You are a trailblazer my dear. Promise me that whatever you do, you will never try to make yourself fit in amongst the average, as you are anything but that. And in return, I promise you that very soon this will all be but a memory. You and I will leave this town in our rear view mirrors. We will live life happily, the way that we we're always meant to live. Eccentrically ever after.

© 2021 Nicholas Mercogliano