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Talking With Haystacks

Kenneth Avery is a Southern humorist with well over a thousand fans. The charm and wit in his writing span a nearly a decade.

Haystacks Near a Farm, a painting by Vincent van Gogh.

Haystacks Near a Farm, a painting by Vincent van Gogh.

Special Note:

The artwork above is from a painting by Vincent van Gogh,, a master painter. No explanation is necessary, but van Gogh recognized the importance of haystacks. (KA).

Some Time Ago I Ventured

into the places where our memories are stored. Upon arriving, I just stopped and took my time and looked. Honestly, I looked a lot more. What I was enraptured about was a huge golden haystack. Surely you have seen those on the farms out in the mid-west of our country. I wish that I had the scratch to go myself and see up-close how just being near one of those big yellow haystacks might help me with some creation to share about something that is here every day, but we only walk or drive by never paying any attention to it.

I used to be guilty of that sin, but as I have grew older, I am at least trying to do better and stopping something I am watching on TV, the documentaries, or a book that I may be reading about things in our world. Some might find this fascination with the world's nice things a boring venture, but I have to strongly disagree with you. Sure, there are people with a mind that refuses to see more than what their eyes see, thus becoming a boring sight.

These are the haystacks that I love.

These are the haystacks that I love.

Please Don't Call Me Silly

but what I would love to do right now is to let the haystacks of America speak-up proudly and share those secret thoudhts, feelings, and ideas that only a haysticak can produce. So without any waste of time, I present . . .

Talking With Haystacks!

"Listen to me. I am a haystack who needs to talk with you about who and what I am and what I have been accused of over the years."

"I am not a monster from outer space. I may look like one and the humans in Hollywood have put creations in their movies casting me as a moon monster, but ladies and gentlemen, let me assure you that I am a true, blue haystack. I love living in a wheat farmers' field and I am proud to be his haystack."

"I say this to all kids who have a mischief streak. Now listen carefully. I am a haystack. Know wht I am made of, hay. That's it. I am very dry especially when it does not rain and when kids who love to pull pranks with matches or other means of stating fire should stay away. For you to light me up would be a danger to you and everything and everyone around here. Be wise. Do your pranks in a safe place and with safe pranks like seeing who can drnk a glass of water the fastest. And leave those matches alone. I am serious."

"Speaking of kids, last year a couple of city kids were here with their parents to visit their grandparents and the kids started plaing like they were escaped convicts and "I" was a good place where they could hide to avod the cops. But what they did not know is that sometimes a poison reptile or insect lives on the ground where I sit and well, that cam spell trouble for the kids, so be sure to inspect all haystacks before using them with imaginary games."

"I am a common haystack. I live on a big farm in Alabama. Life is slow for us haystacks and we seldom see any troublemakers or mischievous kids. And we love it that way."

"No, I do not look like your Aunt Pervie, who thinks that the world is made of candy."

"I am going to reveal our most-guarded secret right now. We haystacks are perfect places for those lovers out there who have met and fell in love right here beside our walls. Lovers love how quiet it is where we live. We take the winds away from them being disturbed. So if you ahve met that special one, take him or her to a haystack"

"I have hesitated to share my saga about my place in the grand scheme of things and I feel that my information wll benefit whomever plants the hayseed, mows it when it's matured and bales it for storing. As you pass by those big hay fields across the mid-west and happen to see a collection of regular-sized, square-shaped hay bales tied with a sort of string. Then you will see a haystack or two, like me, and now it is time to reveal you the importance of each. The regular hay bales, the square-shaped ones, are, and I cringe to say this, 'regular with no apparent ambition, so they are used for feed for cattle, horses, cows and other livestock, but us, the huge haybales that stand up and very noticeable are those hay bales that are "special" and able to bring humanity their greatest joy. Aren't you glad now that you came by and talked with us?"

November 30, 2020________________________________________________

Another Special Note

"There were no haystacks harmed in the writing of this hub. Thanks for your time. Remember. Always be kind to all haystacks." (K.A.).

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