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To Teach or Not to Teach: Rona's Teaching Journey

The author is a Registered Nurse, Teacher II in English and has worked as an Operations Manager in a BPO company for 7 years.


It takes a big HEART to shape a little MIND. The best teacher teaches from the HEART not from the BOOKS.

Being an educator is never my primary choice. I ended up a a nurse. Apparently, God has different plans for me because at the long run I am now a teacher in a public High School. I took the ranking of aspiring teachers last April of 2017. With God’s blessing and guidance, I got the position. I was officially designated and hired May 15, 2017.

I have sisters and relatives who are teachers too. Honestly, I never dared ask them what to expect. I entered the league trying my best to adjust and learn the industry. One thing I realized is that you can prepare as much as you can but when you are there, it is a whole new different story. It could be the same as you expected it to be with a few changes along the edges. Or it can be a whole new scenario in reality.

My first 3 months with the school I was assigned to, I was culture shocked. The students are far different from the students before. Main problem is that they rarely go to school expecting that they will still pass. Most of the time, they will go to school only during Unit Exam and Periodical Tests. The students’ performance in school was unacceptable. I was advised to lower my standards. It was difficult for me because I have trained people older than I am but never did I lower my standards. But slowly, I realized that if I do not make the lessons fit the level of the learners then I will obviously fail in the end. Right now, education system is emphasizing multiple intelligence metrics and how to adjust lessons to effectively tap the learners’ minds and understanding. My disappointment is still the same, but I am in the industry. I have to accept the changes made and follow the industry that I have joined.

The level of respect for teachers and older people has changed. They talk and act like you are the same age as them. There are times that when they answer back, they firmly believe that you are wrong and they are right. I guess even before, it was the same. It is only now that the 21st Century Learners was able to voice out what we wanted to say during our time in school. It can be a good thing or the bad. You can say what you want but you need to say it in a respectful way still. I think that is what the millennial students should learn. The students now will soon run our country or work abroad. They will be a representation of how Filipinos are . If they will continue to be like this then our future will be at risk. Nations will brand us to be lazy, with Attendance issue, and inability to comprehend and process work rules and regulations. What will happen to our country? If it continues, who would want to hire Filipinos abroad?

Teachers now do not stick with chalk and blackboard as medium of instruction. Most has crossed the bridge using technology to get the interest of students. Based on my observation, the learners participate better with gadgets and interactive method. It is not boring for them especially lectures. Incorporating games and play also get their attention. Maybe, learners nowadays love socializing and crave for leadership. A lot of educators have invested money on projectors. Some even provided televisions in their classrooms. They play videos, movies and presentations related to their subject area.

A new teacher will be assigned to a subject you are not familiar with. It is not easy. You are forced to learn the subject faster. It is like you are learning with the students. You are not just an adult educator. You are a learner, a student. Lesson planning and execution are both challenging and tedious. Students do not realize that teachers are experiencing difficulties too in the classroom. What’s heart breaking is that you prepared so much for the lesson and the students did not appreciate it. You try to modify your methods and make it simpler for the students. Then there are a lot of missing students, problem with attendance. You have worked your ass up for what? That is the challenge. There will be times that you will be asking yourself if your decision to teach is right or wrong. You cannot help that because you are human. Sometimes, the students forget that you have feelings too. You can be hurt. You can be angered. The emotions you show are not only positive ones. There are times your fuse can go crazy and out of hand. Not all that you say and think can be filtered. You can slip every now and then. It is normal. Just do your best that you can even if no one shows appreciation. Enjoy every lesson and make the most out of it.

If you can survive the students, one reality a new educator should know is the teacher to teacher relationship. As of now, the boundary of the Junior and Senior High Department is visible. Aside from that, our culture is too much consumed with drama. Gossiping and pulling others down became normal. Others can deny it but it is true. This is the reason why I am very selective on co-teachers that I open myself up with. I don’t trust easily. It is but right to know the person first before putting your trust and care on a platter.

Some teachers can humiliate and bring you down badly. Did they help you in any way? Answer is a cold NO. Did they really try to know who you are? Answer again is flat NO. This is why instead of socializing, a new teacher will opt to be alone and work on his/her own. This is one thing that should be improved in the world of education. It will be more beneficial if tenured teachers will guide and help the new teachers to be as good as or better than them. It is a long way shot but nothing is impossible. I can be done.

Both teachers and students apparently need to improve the way they think. Positive mind conditioning can also elevate the quality of teaching in schools. Do not entertain negative thoughts. It can only stress you out but not resolve your struggles. What is more beneficial on both sides is to be positive both in words, action and thinking.

We do not meet people only by chance. I believe that there is always a reason why people are directed to your life and vice versa. Only God knows why. Have faith that it is for the better, always.

© 2018 Ronadel Razon

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