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To Learn Compassion

I have stumbled across a new passion: writing. It is proving to be insightful and rewarding.


Ego vs Compassion

We have been discussing all areas of my life and I asked her if I lack compassion and she answered, “You're not in touch with your compassion, you don't like it.”

In discussing my ego and lack of compassion, I sit, ready to breathe, ready to meditate. My mentor leads me as I transcend into a trance-like state of mind and allow the reality of the moment to drift away from me. I find myself in the company of my angels and guides who comfort me as I float in this dreamy realm.

I ask for definition, direction and wisdom so I may concentrate on being more compassionate in my life.

I am reminded that my ego will rear it’s ugly head as I grow into my new self in this unknown realm of ascension.

*Your ego is part of your neuro-physiological system. It helps protect your self-image and self-worth, and it helps create your self-concept. Sometimes, though, your ego can get in the way, and when that happens, the concern you have for yourself overrides what actually may be happening in reality. Also:

*Compassion is the ability to feel for another living being. Empathy is the ability to not only understand another's feelings, but also to become one with that person's distress; to put yourself in their shoes and imagine what they're going through in that situation. And:

*Being compassionate and kind is closely related to empathy. While empathy refers more generally to the ability to take the perspective of and to feel the emotions of another person, compassion goes one step further. Compassion includes the desire to take actions that will alleviate another person's distress.

Trust And Compassion

As a child my father accused me of crying wolf. I would think that I was just looking for attention. I have never felt comfortable in asking for compassion, help, or anything, because it was very much frowned upon. I was shamed into not asking for help. We weren’t taught how to ask for assistance. A generational flaw on the part of parents all around the world. They didn’t know either, so how could they teach us?

When is my lesson in compassion? How is compassion introduced to someone? Who is the most influential in my life in showing compassion?

As compassion and trust overlap one another, they begin to flow together to allow us to feel secure in our particular ‘moment’ in time, so we may continue to grow with spirit and to mature as a soul.

Extending trust to others builds inspiration within a relationship, resulting in person’s who are dedicated, hold themselves accountable and take responsibility for their actions. Which is good and advantages.

Compassion doesn't try to escape trusting others; rather, it looks for opportunities to extend trust to others.

Trust: Can I trust myself? Am I mature enough to allow someone to trust me?

When you trust someone, and offer that trust in earnest, there is a good chance that the relationship you have, grows to be a reliable one.

Just as you offer trust, so should you offer compassion. Trust and compassion work in tandem, and as they work in unison, this allows a sense of security. This security then allows us to grow spiritually, and that spiritual fruition results in emotional maturity.

What is beyond the veil of compassion? That single second when the soul enters eternity to meet a wonderful magnificence of an all knowing, ever forgiving Omnipotence, that is relied upon for loving us always: is our future included in that moment? We can only hope! I believe that it is! 04-10-2020 LSN

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Laurie S Novak (author) from Michigan on April 14, 2020:

Oh yes, Ruby, I refer to my ego as ever ready to pounce. It is a daily struggle. Although, as I am learning, it can be restrained. Thank you for your thoughtful words.

Ruby Jean Richert from Southern Illinois on April 14, 2020:

The ego strikes when least suspected. I fight against my ego daily. I do have compassion. Enjoyed reading your thoughts. Thank you for the follow. Happy to follow you.

Laurie S Novak (author) from Michigan on April 13, 2020:

Thank you, Mitara for the reminder of that little ego ever ready to pounce! Admittedly, something I need to work on. Hugs.

Mitara N from South Africa on April 13, 2020:

My thoughts compassion and humility by far will win hands down, that's where trust is built.

One needs to have a good balanced ego otherwise things could go downhill.

Ego will always be there like a devil on the left shoulder trying to misguide and misrepresent what we stand for and trying to build.

Many seem to be driven more and more by ego than compassion, then come life lessons to bring one back to reality.

Thank you for sharing

Laurie S Novak (author) from Michigan on April 13, 2020:

Thank you Audrey! I'm glad it resonated with you. ( : Thank you for following me as well.

Audrey Hunt from Pahrump NV on April 12, 2020:

A lovely topic to write about. My mother was the most compassionate person I ever met. Her kindness knew no bounds. Thanks for addressing this and thanks for following me.

Laurie S Novak (author) from Michigan on April 07, 2020:

Thanks Kyler! You really are talented. I'm going to look it over and decide what I want to do with it. I didn't feel totally comfortable with all of it, that's why I asked for your help. Thanks again for doing this for me. It gives me a new perspective.

Kyler J Falk from California on April 07, 2020:

I'm going to need some time to look this over, if you wish to keep it published then feel free to do so. I'm going to touch up the grammar, and organize it into something prettier for you to offer an example of how I would write it. Then I'll make sure to email it back to you so you can decide what to do from there.

Really the only issue in it is the lack of subtitles, and some formatting issues.

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