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The Library Angel Harahel

Suzanne is a former regional magazine publisher, as well as a cooking and gardening writer. She lives in North Carolina.


Coincidence or Spiritual Guidance?

Have you ever gone to the library or book store and just stood there, quietly, waiting to be lead to a certain book for answers to questions about which you were thinking? If so, whether you knew it or not, you were contacting the Library Angel.

Over the years I have experienced many coincidences that pointed to intervention by the Library Angel. At first I didn't realize there was an angel that was assisting me and just thought it was a coincidence that the very book or information I was looking for showed up in front of me, including the out-of-print book by Alan Vaughn, Incredible Coincidence, in which he writes about the Library Angel.

The Library Angel Harahel

The term "library angel" was most recently explained by Arthur Koestler in his book, The Roots of Coincidence, to explain meaningful coincidences in which the right book or reference suddenly presents itself. Sometimes the book we are looking for or need is sticking out farther than the rest of on a bookshelf, or your hand stops over it, or even, which has happened to me, the book actually falls off the shelf.

Ancient texts refer to the The Library Angel Harahel as being in charge of archives, libraries, cabinets containing rarities, and publishing, and providing cross references through coincidence, synchronicity, and chance occurrences. The Qabalah tells of an angel by the name of Harahel, also known as Herochiel or Herachiel. Harahel is the name given to The Library Angel or The Angel of Knowledge. She is also known as the angel of journalism, publishing, writing and printing.

Arthur Koestler

Arthur Koestler

A Coincidence While Writing this Article

After drafting the first paragraph about Alan Vaughn, I needed another cup of coffee, and while I was stirring my coffee I thought about his book, and that it was probably on the shelf in my family room. It could just as well been in the garage in a bin. I have thousands of books. However, sure enough, it was on the shelf and I took it upstairs with me and sat down at my computer. Then, using my old technique, I allowed myself to just open the book randomly, which I did, to page 102, and the story of "The Right Book", case number 84. Okay , I thought, cold chills enveloping me. The story is in the Chapter entitled "The Search for Eliot Carter" and is about "the intriging adventures of writers..."

Was It Daddy or the Library Angel?

After my father died I tried to contact him, but never succeeded, I don't think, until early one morning, around 3 a.m., years after his death, I woke up thinking about him. In my mind I was talking to him and saying "if there is life after death why didn't you give me a sign?" Then turned over and promptly fell back to sleep.

Next morning, downstairs, I approach the den and hear a sound, something falling off a shelf. I look around and see a book by Shirley MacLaine lying on the floor beneath the bookshelves. It is her book about life after death.

I ended up writing MacLaine a letter about my experience and other coincidences to which she replied:

"Thank you for sharing your fascinating experiences with me...Suppose I said to you that there are no accidents -- no coincidences -- that we are responsible for each event in our lives. There is a Law of Cause and Effect -- a very just and demanding law. In the Bible, we learn that as we sow, so shall we reap. This presents that cosmic law.

We judge an event or a person as either good or bad, but does it not follow that we also will be judged. An event - a person - a thing is not either good or bad -- it just is. It is only our concept which makes it seem one way or another.

If we could accept the responsibility for the event -- study it -- understand why it has appeared in our life - learn the lesson and respond with understanding rather than just react, we could continue our life in truth knowing we have learned the lesson and that we need not face that lesson again.

Not all of the lessons we have chosen for our spiritual growth are pleasant. The death or injury of a loved one can be heart breaking. However, we can make it a positive rather than negative experience by our concept or belief system.

If we believe in reincarnation, we accept that the soul is eternal. We understand that an elderly, uncomfortable body will be exchanged for a new vibrant one. Of course, we may feel a loss when a loved one moves far away. Many times your loved one will be back in the family unit and if you listen and encourage a young person to freely express themselves, you can recall and share experiences which are very exciting.

One of my favorite quotations from Richard Bach's "Illussions" is: 'Here is a test to find whether your mission on earth is finished; if you're alive, it isn't.'

In Love and Light,

Shirley MacLaine"

The Library Angel and Theresa Caputo

This past Christmas I was searching Amazon for a book which my husband had requested as a present. While searching Theresa Caputo's Book There's More to Life Than This: Healing Messages, Remarkable Stories, and Insight About the Other Side from the Long Island Medium popped up and I knew I had to purchase it.

The book arrived and I opened it to a page about the number "111" about which my sister and I had experienced many coincidences where that number appears over and over. "What does it mean?" we would ask each other. The Library Angel, once again, answered my question.

Another section of the book suggests using meditation to enhance your experiences. I wasn't looking or thinking about my meditation book after reading it, but later that day I went upstairs to my craft room and decided to put a stack of books away. In the stack was a book about meditation.

The Library Angel and The Helper

The Helper is The Holy Spirit mentioned in John 14:16 "I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Helper, that He may be with you forever;".

On my spiritual journey, I experienced a series of coincidences involving The Helper about whom I learned in Katherine Marshall's book "The Helper".

The first coincidence occurred within a week of reading The Helper, when members of my church asked me if I wanted to join their Bible Study. I asked them what they were reading. The reply: The Helper.

The second coincidence, which I later realized was overseen by the Library Angel, occurred while my mother and I were on the telephone discussing my recent introduction to The Helper. I wanted to know if she had ever heard of it, to which she replied she had not even though her father was a Sunday school teacher and she kept a Bible nearby. I went on to explain that even I, who read the Bible often, hadn't heard of The Helper. I explained to her that the Helper was the Holy Spirit who Jesus said he would send after the ascended into Heaven.

Our conversation continued to the topic of other miracles in the Bible and a prophet in the Bible, Elijah, who was taken up into Heaven and never seen again. I told my mother that The Helper requires us to "thank him" when we need something. I told my mother we should pray to The Helper, and to close her huge family Bible and then I closed my little Bible and I said "Thank you Helper for helping us find the prophet Elijah." Then after we said "amen" I told my mother to open her Bible and I opened my Bible - and remember, we were on the telephone - and both Bibles opened to the same chapter and verse where Elijah was mentioned going up into a cloud.

My mother died in January, 2014. Early one morning, around 3 a.m., I was sitting in my husband's chair, half awake, when that little voice in the back of my head said: "Open your husband's Bible". So I reached down and picked up his Bible which I had never opened in 30 years, since I have my own. I reached down and opened it up. There in front of me on the page was John 14:16: I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Helper, that He may be with you forever...

Library Angel Poll

In Conclusion

Speaking for myself, after decades of personal experiences, I believe there is undoubtedly a force "out there" whether you call it God, angels, The Helper, aliens, or demons. Do you believe in a force? Do you believe in the Library Angel?