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Surrounded By Dangerous People

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Everyone thinks you need to look out for those that are distant, that isolate themselves. Contrary to that, those that smile and receive all the praise are dangerous too. No one sees it coming, no one can comprehend why and that’s what’s dangerous. No one feels the need to reach out, to ask – because to them nothing is wrong.

Those that hurt the most have the largest smiles – they have tried everything to feel as they look. They keep an active lifestyle – wishing that during it they can find some semblance of what everyone else has. They have heard the “fake it” mentality. They know smiling literally makes your mind think you feel better. Those are the people who are dangerous.

The people that are so dangerous are fighters and will continue to be hopeful. They will continue to implement choices that keep them away from the darkness that seeps in every once and a while. They listen to motivating things, they aspire for excellence and attain greatness.

That’s what makes them dangerous.

The larger they get, the crazier it seems that anything is off. The bigger their name becomes the less people worry.

Dangerous people never forget what made them so dangerous to begin with.

They did not aspire to such great heights out of a whim. It wasn’t some crazy inspirational thought that crossed their mind. Instead, it was constant struggle – to live, to get out of bed, to not cry, to forget, to laugh. Each attempt made them more dangerous, built them to who they are today. They will not go down without a fight; they have been fighting this whole time.

The most dangerous people are those walking around in plain sight. They disguise themselves as happy, hard-working, full of life and funny. They have walked among us throughout their toughest days and happiest moments looking just the same.

The most dangerous understand what makes them dangerous – but have not learned how to turn it off.

The most dangerous are so dangerous they scare themselves.

Crazy thing is, they think it will pass. They think the danger has just avoided them, that they have overcome exactly what made them dangerous in the first place. Then it hits again, reminding them that they can not avoid or ignore who they are. That being dangerous was what brought them to today. They can not run from who they are. They cannot skip over those chapters in their life.

Especially since they have been such a pivotal role in who they are today. Isn’t that such a scary thought. That all of this understanding, reflecting, success is all to come to the same conclusion.

It will never go away. It will never just be a story.

Almost as if, they’re working to move away from danger – swimming in open waters trying to find land. In the struggle there is only the struggle – the 5-meter target.

That is only the focus, the energy requirement.

There is no need to concern themselves with anything less or more.

There is a purity in it, a simplicity in the struggle.

A single focus and mindset. However, once they come up to breath everything changes. The perspective changes, the struggle is no longer 5 meters ahead but miles. What they thought, would be a benefit becomes the exact thing that suffocates them. The very prize that they were working for becomes the hellish realization of all that still has to come.

Dangerous people are so dangerous because the struggle is their haven. The struggle is the only place they feel peace.

They are who they are because of those experiences – and some semblance of those feelings that brought me here will remain. The more that they are ignored the stronger their pull. However, the most dangerous are fighters and will continue to fight. Day by day, moment by moment.

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