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Suppose the Person You Hated Turned out to Be God?

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Who Hates Who?

Who Hates Who?


Hate is such a strong word. To say you hate someone is hate in its totality. To hate someone is basically to hate their existence. That means you hate the way they look, how they talk, how they walk, their attitude and the things they do. But why do people proclaim hate for other people? Did that person harm them or anyone they knew? Did that person somehow caused any type of suffering in that person’s life? Or does the hate just comes from difference in religion, opinion, race and skin color? But whatever the motive is for hating, it still spells hate in every sense.

When people hate people, a lot of actions and habits can stem from this. Some people who hate someone will make sure to stay as far away from that person as possible, while others will go out of their way to ensure that the life of the person they hate is a total misery. They will block the person from various opportunities, they will sabotage the person’s affairs and some will go as far as to plot the persons ending of life. But who are we hating really? Do you know the person well enough to say you hate them? Sometimes hate can also be a big misunderstanding between the two parties and it can only take a simple dialogue to turn that hate into love. I implore you that before you take it upon yourself to spew hate for someone, find out who that person is. What if that person you hate is the only person who can save you?

Is It God You Hate?

Some people may say that the question above is ridiculous as if the person you hated was really God, he would have done something to you with all the powers he has. But if I was God and someone hated me, why harm them? That would be minuscule. But I assure you that on Judgment day I may weigh your actions a bit heavier than say Donald Triumphant. You may not get that smooth stroll into the pearly gates as you would see me standing there and simply hate the fact that I am up there with you. One of us would have to leave and find an apartment below and it wouldn’t have been me.

The reason why I made the comparison above about the person you hate turning out to be God is that it could really turn out to be anyone. The person you hate may end up being the one in the Emergency Room with all the knowledge and expertise needed to save you fading life. The person you hate may end up owning one of the biggest corporations in the country and you may need an employment there. That interview may not go well with you hating the owner of the company. The person you hate may be the one who needs to sign on something important for you or your family. You can never know what the future brings for you and the person you spew hate for may be that same person you meet down the road who you desperately need assistance from.

Getting Over Hate

I cannot sit here and bullshit you and tell you that getting over hate is as easy as ABC. But if you want to start a healing process you must begin somewhere. Let us start with true dialogue. When we have dialogue with each other face to face we begin to see each other truly for what we are and not what media propaganda may instill in our brains. We have to understand others strength, weakness and most of all natural differences. Listen, none of us had the option of how we are to be born on Earth. We were just given a soul inside a parcel of flesh to nurture. Then out of the body of a woman we came into this confusing world. Life is too short to practice hate. Let us all live a good and understanding life. Let us be our brothers keepers no matter the race or color. Let us just stand together as one humanity.

A Wise man once said, "Hate lowers ones IQ. It boosts the brains stupid side."

— Clive Williams aka The Wise Man

© 2020 Clive Williams

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