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Subjectness --Ultimate Method of Cultivating Willpower

Val has evolved his own model of a happy and out-of-box processing of the reality with different techniques and routinized daily practices.

The whole living boils down to either being proactive or reactive.

The whole living boils down to either being proactive or reactive.

In the absence of willpower the most complete collection of virtues and talents is wholly worthless.

Aleister Crowley

Doing It, or Being Done Unto -- Is the Question

Let's get straight to the definition of what I coined as "Subjectness", after having noticed this common denominator of all self-advancing modalities existing on the culture market that are making sense.

Subjectness is the gut sensation of a force stemming outward from our personal space, recognizable as willpower, intention, going after.

Its opposite gut sensation I logically named Objectness, which feels as a force of some outside event or condition invading our personal space, making us feel "done unto" -- in a plethora of possible different ways, but maybe the best expressed as "victimhood".

Thus, subjectness derives its name from making us feel as "subjects", doers, whereas objectness makes us feel as "objects" of some outside doings -- hence its name.

Now, let's bring into our picture our solar plexus, that intricate network of nerves in the stomach pit -- sometimes also called our "second brain", but also with a more popular name being "guts".

(Since we don't want to anatomically complicate it, let us not go into elaboration of the guts' being in tandem with the lower, animalistic portions of brain with their survival instincts being their chief function. For all our purposes, guts will do).

Solar plexus is considered the energy center of our willpower, our self-esteem, and our basic will to live.

And that's the site where both subjectness and objectness get polarized from the gamut of our life experiences, all the way from our childhood on, forming a "ratio" which has one of those sensations predominant over the other.

It's either subjectness or objectness that prevails in our guts.

It's either subjectness or objectness that prevails in our guts.

Willpower is the key to success. Successful people strive no matter what they feelby applying their will to overcome apathy, doubt or fear.

-- Dan Millman

The Gut Ratio Between Subjectness and Objectness

For a little illustration, a poor kid who kept impressing himself with his own doings through games and daring actions, started off in life with more subjectness polarized in his guts than a rich kid being given things all the time and with no need for a willpower -- spelling objectness.

That's all that polarization of that kind means, and out of the result we, once adults, are either having a predominant emotions of some gutsy subjects, doers -- or helpless, victimized objects of some outside doings and unconsciously (on gut level) constantly being on watch for possible threats to our psycho-physical security.

Everything in our emotional repertoire carries an energetic charge of either subjectness or objectness, no matter how complex and recognizable in their refinement those emotions may be.

They say there are only two basic emotions, from which all others are derived -- love and fear. They would correspond to the basic dual sensations in our guts -- one of subjectness and objectness.

Now, being promoted, rewarded, praised, celebrated, respected, and alike -- although grammatically sounds like "being done unto" by others -- still spells subjectness, since it means a result of our going after and getting it.

On the other hand, a depressed person may be given attention, gifts, promotion, even become famous -- but deep on their gut level they will feel it as objectness, as "being done unto".

We must have heard of quite a few of movie celebrities who. despite their being adored by the public, experienced their fame as objectness in guts, some even under an impression that they did not deserve any of it.

An angry person will be motivated by their objectness-filled guts to "recognize reasons" for their anger in so much going on in the world, or in their interactions with others.

It's the guts ratio of polarized subjectness vs. objectness which dictates to the brain what kind of beliefs to form, what to think, and what attitudes to display.

Indeed, it's amazing how our guts are telling our mind the limits of its daring to explore, to think out of box, to change, to venture outside of the comfort zone. We can "think positively" until we turn blue in face, but as long as we are not supporting it with matching feelings of subjectness, we are but wasting our time.

Hence the saying how education is not a guarantee for a successful professional life, as many a high school dropout has reached incredible heights in life by just supported by a strong gutsiness.

I got this metaphor for a gutless brainiac: a car that revs and revs and makes a lot of noise -- but stays parked.

Knowing what we want and ignoring what we don't -- is the cornerstone of subjectness.

Knowing what we want and ignoring what we don't -- is the cornerstone of subjectness.

The achievements of willpower are almost beyond computation. Scarcely anything seems impossible to the man who can will strongly enough and long enough.

-- Orison Swett Marden

Impressing Ourselves with Our Own Doings

In the first place, in order to build our willpower muscle, we've got to keep in mind from moment to moment what we want -- not what we don't want.

A sense of direction breeds willfulness, gutsiness, subjectness, call it what you prefer -- so we are either going forward in life towards what we want, or we are walking backwards facing all things we want to escape from.

That's where this simple dual distinction of sibjectness - objectness suffices to explain it all. We don't need any fancy theorizing, it all boils down to how much subjectness or objectness we have polarized in our guts, which determines the voltage of our willpower.

And then we come to that crucial thing of HOW TO.

How to build this subjectness muscle?

The answer is rather simple -- albeit not necessarily easy to practice:

Interpreting every facet of our reality as our own doing -- period.

You see, as long as we are being watchful with our defense mechanisms switched on in most of the life situations, we are coming from the position of objectness -- giving a huge significance to outside doings and appearances.

When we turn it around, and start seeing our experiencing of our world as our own making -- in its all details -- we are impressing ourselves with our "active role" in all that.

Even weather is of your own make, once that you realize that rain by itself "means" nothing until you give it a meaning. Then it goes for everything else in life.

We DO our remembering; we DO our reactions; we DO our perceiving with our five senses -- without which world for us would not exist at all.

We are the DOERS, the subjects, and the more we are impressing ourselves with that fact, the more subjectness we are polarizing in our guts.

It all starts with impressions -- ever since we were just little "impressionable" children, constantly in theta brain-waves which are characteristic for the hypnotic trance.

Then from impression comes expression.

Epilog: The Big Inner Shift

By assuming responsibility for all our experiencing, we shift the weight of life from the positionality of "life happening to us", to "ourselves doing the living".

The more we do it, the more we get a gut-identity of doers, subjects. New brain cells are firing and wiring into new neural pathways making the opposite ones obsolete in the dynamics of experiencing.

That in return sends new sets of signals to our guts to requalify themselves. That new synchronicity between brain and guts results with new "beliefs" being formed, the ones spelling "I can", with emotions of daring to explore the unknown models of experiencing.

Then, all of a sudden the whole intimate and outer reality becomes an entirely new ball game.

Anyone willing to play it? Come on, join me! It's fun creating out of thin air -- almost of a divine kind!

© 2022 Val Karas