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Student Job in a Senior home


Student Job

"Hey Margaret, there is an opening at the senior home for a student job, if you are interested, you can walk to the senior home and ask for Katja".

That email when it arrived in my inbox got me nervous, "can I do this? Do I really need the job"? But curiosity got the better of me so in a short while, I saw myself, walking up to the senior home, looking for the gate that led to the building itself.

My first thought when I entered was that I couldn't do it, I should just walk to Katja, listen to her rattle off my duties and politely tell her that I couldn't do it. But I am a little sucker for work, so after Katja told me to meet a nurse called Sylvia I had already decided to accept the job.

Three days into the job and I realized I kind of liked it. Taking care of old women and sometimes men is just like taking care of kids. They are cute, sometimes throw tantrums and cry too. They also possess peculiar habits and quirks that are so interesting to observe.

There is soft spoken Moniker who can barely walk without assistance but every morning without fail, her friend Duffy will come to her room and walk her down the breakfast room together. Leslie who has dementia thinks every female she meets is her mother, she is ever appreciative of the smallest thing and smiles a lot. Max is so agreeable, he would sit if you ask him to, stands of you want to him to, Max just lives to make your job easier for you. Lehman who used to be a teacher according to one of the nurses, is one of the most elegant women that I have seen since I started this job. Always seated cross legged and prettily even when you are pulling on those tight socks on her, never complains and always walking around with an air of superiority, I love her.

Does this job stress me out? Yes? But I like it, every person there is a story waiting to be written and I am the happy writer waiting to write them!

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