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Stuck a Description of a 2020 Pandemic Experience

Our life stages are unique, Kathy enjoys sharing her thoughts and stages through her writing and looks forward to learning about yours.

How about it! Y'all feeling STUCK?

How about it! Y'all feeling STUCK?


Stuck in 2020, it has been a bummer! I mean unquestionable stoppage! When writing articles, an interruption is no surprise. To fill the blankness of a page invites the thoughts to flow yet can meet futile results. This blockage is altogether different!

A necessary lockdown decreases correct information, generating the potential for dangerous neglect of factual stories. Could it change our legacy? The current course of our history has blown our minds. Our collective response is, “What the Hell!” No one can believe the fate of this unimaginable year!

Though I am not one to curse, I don’t think I could stop! The words might overflow without a filter as the steam releases if the lid to my overwhelmed heart exploded. Pandemics, fires, politics, death, I am sure you see my point!

While frozen in the pandemic hiatus, the world continues to advance. But the actual life of the average person moves in slow motion. They dance as marionettes on a string performing in a dream. The images before us are distinctive, but many prefer to turn away. Still, humans strive for a purpose, even in chaos.

Because communication is missing, groups challenge everything, creating anarchy and disillusionment. This bewildering season causes the actual act of going out in public to become confusing. The mundane grocery shopping task is exciting, even sport, when we seek the less attainable hand sanitizer or toilet paper items!

Who would have believed we would covet these supplies? What a strange reaction to a crisis! Communities embrace the activities of baking, crafting, and caring! But the world is, at last, placing a spotlight on the carried weights of protests! Both have substituted monotony to form stability. One of the two is of far greater importance. You can palpate the growing pulse of the movement! The multitudes form crowds to seek normalcy and change because nobody wishes to remain stagnant by supporting complacency.

This horrid turn has supported a silver lining of gratitude! Shutdowns have developed into a precious time to refocus and reset. But how many of us recognize the moments we have discarded in our recent past. Sad that it took a nightmare for us to see with clarity the quality time with our loved ones, the true heroes of our world, and of course, the eye-opening spotlight on systemic injustices.

Can we admit that we often complain of ongoing projects and not having enough time! We groan about the constant irritation of a few breaks in our over-scheduled households. Now we enjoy the success of completed tasks with cohesiveness allotted, and the world celebrates them as enjoyable outlets. Had we forgotten the process of a genuine connection while living together?

Survival mode and the desire to meet has civilization in a state of proverbial attention deficit. Sometimes there is no appreciation of this precious gift of togetherness, and the horn honker road rage continues. I assume they wish to drive on cruise control, which does not always bring the smooth transition we expect. Pun intended!

Busyness is not better; it turns into clutter that reinforces escape. Despite that, it minimizes our ability to concentrate on what’s meaningful. Inspect yourself, consider before you speak, allow your feelings, and take a minute to breathe. The natural action of actual presence becomes obsolete or diminished when on autopilot. This unexpected significant change could produce a constructive result. Purpose-driven teamwork could make a comeback.

Remember Who Takes the Wheel When we Need to Swerve!

Remember Who Takes the Wheel When we Need to Swerve!

Let's get Focused on Getting Unstuck!

How do you pray with fervor without connecting with the highest power? You know, the guy upstairs who answers those requests! Our system has been pushing forward with minor considerations on how to proceed. Individuals have been driving themselves with a brief acknowledgment of who holds the wheel when they swerve. Have you ever wondered how you got to a place when going super fast, but you didn’t take a second to note the mile markers you passed! What are we missing when we come through not appreciating?

A standstill is not the worst! Complete immobility as a nation is far more ominous. We can continue exploring relationships during this confinement span and make that headway. Focus on dreams, goals, servitude, meaningful connection, and prayerful re-direction. I am not talking flippant or plastic interaction, but disciplined introspective, driven practices. The humble submission to a will more substantial than our own requires humility. A rare commodity when desires and selfish attitudes prevail.

If not correct, we would see less fighting, more compromise. Individuals, families, and couples would take time to reinforce their walls with the support that elevates their potential collapse from implosion. Significant concentration is how we take steps even when life throws curves. The erratic reaction of unsettled communities smolders without a positive sense of being heard! Infighting is the very demise of our structures. Yet, we have developed into professionals at destruction instead of solution builders.

The earth spins on its axis, regardless of our position. So we rely on science that says we are always moving in space. But the world feels strange when the conditions are not tranquil. Even while life continues, it’s understandable for despair to creep into the quiet. So, people, let’s get unstuck! Reboot and grow into a more productive society. Look past the cover, whether literal or figurative, to the depth of your fellow man! Don’t you detect the irony of a mandate that supports people hiding behind a mask?

Why does one balk when we’ve always used a mask! Even before, they were a required item. We buried ourselves behind our fake shield and stopped witnessing the authentic emotion underneath. Denial is keeping humanity stuck! Buckle up for a ride into tomorrow together! Stop bringing back what separates us, our opinions, the overactive schedules, and serious unchanging routines or grievances! Let’s write a unique story with a collaborative effort of utilizing the skills and talents of humanity worldwide! What is wrong with society! Sorry, I digress. I meant to say; no one listens to the alarm until it’s too late! Could we unclog our minds, fill with purpose, produce with ingenuity, and stay fed up with being stuck!

Are you feeling stuck?

I get the feeling of being stuck and imagine most people feeling closed off and isolated. This year is not over, but most wish it was! We have places to go! Yet, remain stuck if unable to pivot and change gears to alternative ways to connect. During challenging times, some of the best literary stories unfolded. What will be our legacy? Our stories are waiting. Levels of fortitude, social development, and problem-solving! If everyone is screaming, we hear nothing and are less likely to become unstuck! Pull down the natural masks and deflate the puffed-up chest. Put down the weapons of destruction and help one another to loosen the holds that keep us STUCK!

Stuck and No Place To Go!

Are You Ready?

© 2020 Kathy Henderson

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