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Stubborness Is Not an Issue

Monday Musings: A log about how I believe stubborness can help me survive life's struggles shown through chocolates.

When life gives me chocolates

I never thought I'd like chocolates that much.

I grew up in a household where vegetables and fruits are the main dishes on the table every breakfast, lunch and dinner, every week of every month... of every year. Basically, its all I have ever eaten aside from meat dishes served occassionally. I do know what sweet tastes like as a child. As I have been told, I used to eat every last candy on my grandmother's store in secret which ended up with me having a tad to many almost decaying teeth. To be honest, I am not sure how I still ended up with a complete, squeaky clean teeth. (But seriously, always brush your teeth after eating sweets!)

Moving on, my fascination with chocolates came during my high school days. Now, a bit more mature and reserved in handling my 'sweets' affairs, I set off to buying chocolate coated biscuits every end of a school day to reward myself. This fascination reached its hype during my university days where I'd make sure to have a stash of chocolates near my desk and I'll binge it as I panic review the day before a big exam.

Now, you may be wondering, why use chocolates in this sense if I am obviously in love with its mere existence?

The answer to that is simple. It's because the very thing that brought me joy ended up causing me a lot of pain.

A few months before I finish my univesity degree, my already existing acid reflux heightened. I won't fill in the details here, maybe at a later time, if I am a bit more comfortable sharing but, the main cause of it is my usual habit of eating chocolates at night. Coupled with stress and anxiety from finishing my degree, depression and a lot more personal factors, the chocolate that I thought would give me happiness only for the brief moment of savoring it, triggered my reflux. Thankfully, I recovered from it half a month later but it occurred again since I can't seem to have the discipline to stop eating thy holy stash of chocolates.

And so, to finish the saying, I would say, When life gives me chocolates, I'd stock it all up and eat tiny amounts in the morning. Yes. I still can't discipline myself and I still sneak in a few choco bites during the day. And guess what, my reflux has not visited me yet (hopefully).

But wait, aren't we forgetting the main topic here?

No we're not. You see, the fact that you're still reading this means that you're quite the stubborn one. Don't get me wrong, I am also the same.

Just as I am stubborn with my love for chocolates, I make sure to be stubborn with and for life.

What about you? What does life give you?

And here comes the real deal

What I have gone through in life is just the tip of the iceberg. I admit that I am inexperienced and I have a lot more room to grow and discover about myself. Yes, life's struggles may differ in magnitude but however big or small the magnitude is, this should not invalidate the struggles an individual is experiencing. And, as a bit experienced and a bit mature individual, I would like to give this advice to you: Be stubborn.

Ever since I was young, I realized the value of hardwork. But sadly and often times, society is never the ideal place for just a hardworking individual. And here is where stubborness come at play.

Stubbornness is shown in the image of students trying their hardest every single day to earn their degree; in parents slowly but surely nurturing their children while trying to make ends meet; in workers drenched with sweat and fatigued from the almost similar day to day job; and in you, who will always not fail to find himself laughing amidst problems.

You see, stubbornness was never an issue for someone to cope through life's struggles.

It will always have its charm of making sure that you push through towards what you need or what you desire. Whatever it is, be stubborn, make sure you take the necessary action for it, and, trust the process.

At the moment, what I do desire is... a piece of chocolate.

Until then, Hyn Edwit/Hisui.

Monday Musings Motivation

This is a part of my personal project where I upload motivational posts in Instagram.

This is a part of my personal project where I upload motivational posts in Instagram.

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