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Strange Abilities -- or What?

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"An Extra Set of Eyes"?

Well, here I have a couple of true stories which just might hint at something beyond use of my five senses.

The first one is about what appears as my "extra set of eyes" which keeps spooking me big time, and for which I have no explanation -- what actually may be a blessing, because if there was an explanation, it would surely spook me much more.

Like, whenever I am walking outside, no matter how deeply in thoughts, or focused on conversation, or just observing the scenery -- my eyes instantly look down if I am about to step on anything that normally I wouldn't want to step on.

Say, a chewing gum, a wild goose's poo in the park, even a tiny ant that's bravely crossing my path. Moments like that regularly put me in a state of confusion, further enhancing my otherwise freakishly passionate interest in the mystery of everything.

And then, potentially having something to do with that extra set of eyes, is this weird phenomenon of my somehow "seeing" the clock while I sleep, as I wake up exactly at the time for which I set up my mind the night before.

Indeed, what is it in me that's alerting me to look down before stepping on an unwanted whatever? And what in me has that much authority to terminate my sweet dreams?

Well, another unexplainable thing in human nature -- just like that one about contagious yawning, which no one has successfully explained yet.


Hey, Looks Like I'm a Pranic Healer!

Here is another one about a certain medical experience I had which ended up with a triumph and a shaking my head in disbelief.

Many years back, I suddenly got this ugly polyp growth on the sole of my foot. It was the size of quarter, red, cushiony, and hanging on a short, thin stem that bled profusely after a slight disturbance.

Needless to say, it was quite a nuisance, mostly because my shoe would so often get soaked with blood. The good doctor cut it off at the bottom of the stem, only to make it quickly come back with a vengeance, even slightly bigger than before.

At that point doctor suggested a deeper digging in hospital.

I remember exactly, the appointment for the surgery was set for like the next Tuesday, and it was Thursday that I came home from the doctor's office -- now brainstorming about how to avoid that surgery.

My mind quickly supplied an idea for an experiment which -- weird as it looked -- "just might have worked", so I was reasoning, albeit not with much hope.

So I sat down, crossed my legs now exposing the polyp, and started doing the procedure of, what I remembered as "pranic healing". In short, it's practiced in the Far East, with the "prana" energy repeatedly being passed from the palm of the hand over the ailing part of the body.

I spent good twenty minutes imagining a purple energy emanating out of my palm, as I was passing it over that damn thing -- before I saw how ridiculous it all was, since the polyp just stayed there, possibly laughing at me.

Then came the time for my evening bath, and as I was sitting in the bath tub, I noticed how that familiar bee-sting sensation, normally coming from the sole of that foot, was kind of missing.

I carefully moved my foot through the water, as the smallest ripples could have disturbed that stem and started a major bleeding -- and instead, I must have got some instant tears in my disbelieving eyes.

Namely, it was still there, but now thin like a leaf, hanging on a hair-thin stem. I reluctantly poked it a little, and it fell off.

It was some time later when I was visiting the doctor for some minor thing, that he asked: "By the way, what ever happened with that polyp?"

I asked him to promise not to laugh, and as he promised, I told him the whole story about my pranic healing "miracle". Himself, being of Far East origin, he must have been well familiar with it, as all he did was wink at me and said: "Whatever works, Val".

There have been other examples of my "energy healing" interventions, like for example when I healed my earache by loving it intensely; or my dropping the reading glasses after a couple of decades of using them, so that now at 78 I'm able to read the finest print at the bottom of my wife's vitamin bottles.

But, let that be the theme for some other article.

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