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Stop Explaining, Just Be


Why is it that we so often feel the need to explain ourselves, our children? Stop! We need to hear that. We need to hear that as parents, and we need to know that it is okay. Its okay if the person at the dentist office does not know that your son struggles with loud noises. Its okay if the person next to you does not understand why you are screaming at your son to put his glasses back on, when he refuses to wear them as he runs into someone right in front of him. Its ok not to be understood, if you understand your child and what he or she needs. We need to stop explaining ourselves and start being who we know we need to be for our children, because that’s who they need us to be. So, what if so and so thinks that you are a horrible parent. So, what if that person is giving you the weirdest look ever or if that same person is saying how terrible you are. So, what if they are secretly laughing, let them because they do not know but you do. Remember, you are amazing, and you are loved by the one true God. Remember that God gave you that baby (or those babies) and he gave that baby (or those babies) to you for a reason. Remember God blessed you with a wonderful gift that you get to know, love, cherish, and you get to watch God’s wonders unfold through that gift in a way that no else does.

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