Starting from Scratch: A Beginners Journey

Updated on November 9, 2017
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Jan is a young man on his path of amateur art. Lives in Germany.

Why now?

I decided to start drawing but never got around to it. I feel like I have enough time now and so I decided I will start with an upload everyday just to see my progress slowly. I am in a point in life where I think drawing will help me cope a lot with my situation being entirely on my own for the first time in my life. This will be just as much a journey of drawing, as a journey of my life in a new world. It may not always make sense, it is sort of how I am. I hope anyone who decides to take a look through my collection will appreciate them all.

It isn't the beginning that is the hardest, but the resolve to push forwards despite all the odds. It is the resolve to continue when others quit that separates the weak and the strong, the great from the average.

The Very First

The Feeling

A good painting is not of high quality paints and strokes. A painting becomes a good painting if you can feel a sense of understanding.

The Drawing

This drawing is based on Halloween. Very basic with just 3 major parts. The Tree in the background with the spider web and rocks in front of it (an unmarked grave). The Jack-o-Lantern also in the background, really only an afterthought that I wanted to add in because of of the theme. The person being shot through the neck which started the drawing off. Not quite sure how it turned into that but it was a neat turn.

Who am I?

I am a young man living in Germany in a new world. Armed with a job and a path in life but no one to share it with I have taken to art in hopes of giving myself a muse, and perhaps a passion. I do sports, and work out. I go to events and hang out with strangers, trying to be involved in this unfamiliar world. I go to school and work so I am rather busy during the week. Luckily my free time does not require me to study so writing and drawing will not be a problem!

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