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Spiritual and Physical Planets

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The planet of the spirits

When the life of the human body ends, everything becomes clear, the spirit leaves the carnal prison.
And sees the material and the abstract. good, evil, love, honesty, all these emotional or moral behaviors have color and shape. What is perceived on that plane is indescribable, transitory for some, lasting for others, but it is pure mental illusion, since time does not exist in the dimensions.

The Most High has a huge range of applications for every soul. The souls that bathed in the savior's soap travel in a spaceship to the planet of the spirits. On that planet is the great city of God, a city made of spiritual gold, of golden forms. Life in that place is heavenly, you are totally happy. Worship and praise to the creator is pleasurable.

Then the spirits transit freely, on that planet of abstract souls.There is a sea of ​​water in multicolored tones, and the sand changes its colorful appearance as well. The waves emit melodies. In the meadows and gardens, the flowers always sing.

And the private room is small but pleasant. In the right corner of the room rests a small and transparent nave in the shape of a dome. That spaceship is invisible to the living. In that ovoid-shaped ship, the spirit that God grants permission is transported.

But before requesting such permission, it must meet certain requirements: the mental time must be greater than two years, and the earthly memories must have reached their spirit consistency in full.

Most of the time the spirit wants to see the past, because his loved ones are with him, because when he crosses the end of life, time disappears uniting all events into one. He is very surprised at first, seeing his family with him on that trip, but then everything is explained to him in detail.

At death, the real personality of the soul permeates the spirit, which begins to express its joy at having remembered everything, including all of his lives on earth. There are old spirits, there are younger ones, but they all have different projections.

Heaven, that's what the planet of the spirits is called.

© 2022 Venus Maritza

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