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Spiritual Solutions for Becoming Creative

Damodar Das has been writing articles on Hinduism and Dharma. He has written over 3000 articles. He also writes about Scientology.

Creative Process


Some Creative expressions

The vivid expression of Creativity is Creation itself.

Nothing can be as creative as life around us. But as they say, we are made in the image of God. If this were true, then ‘humans are creative’ also stands true.

The silkworm creates the cocoon all by itself as it requires no learning and a spider weaves its web from its saliva.

In a nutshell, nature has primary and secondary creators who expand the creation of God.

But, humans express creativity in the best possible means as they are superior among all species.

Man has an innate creative potentiality

Man is incomplete without creativity.

Unless man expresses his passion through art, he fails to find peace within. Creative work always releases spaces of deep relaxation within man.

But, the sole reason for growing discontentment lies in the inability to discover a niche for oneself.

If creativity gets obstructed for some reason, people take to a path of destruction. However, the irony is that every person has a creative flair that at most times remains unexplored.

Due to ignorance, the creative energy is converted into a negative form of energy, leading to destruction.

An unskilled child who is unaware of the creative, positive side of life engages in useless pursuits.

This energy mishandling leads to social unrest at large. Activities like gossiping and spreading rumors are hallmarks of uncreative people.

Exploring creative fields to sharpen the mind is a great way to get started.


Get rid of the Gross

It helps release ourselves of grossness and makes our minds effective tools for strenuous tasks.

Let us consider some aspects that hinder our creativity.

Stress impairs creators

Working for long hours on a piece of artwork causes ‘the artist’s block’! Painters, musicians, actors, and other creative people suffer from creative blocks, quite commonly.

In such a state, the person is unable to perform on the creative front. Becoming oblivious to subtle disturbances can affect your performance.

Sometimes you may be expected to deliver loads of work. If time becomes a criterion of worry, creative fluids stop flowing.

Outside pressure creates stress in our system and leads to low-quality output as it does not highlight creative work. It is work born out of stress.

You must create space for creativity to express itself.

All art outputs require time and mental freedom for your inner nature to express itself beautifully.

Such an expression is the direct expression of the Supreme Creator, God.

Art is meditation. It can never under any circumstance be pressurizing, but only be relaxing.

One needs to find a balance between creative work and earning through creative work. Creativity should never be a slave to money.

So, the thumb teaching is that artwork is an expression of the deeper self, which cannot manifest itself in stressful situations.

Emotional disturbances throttle creativity


No Clarity, Garbled Output

Creativity gets hampered with emotional disturbances.

We do not always have an ideal family. All families have problems, but, relationship problems can negatively impact the production of creative juices in our brains.

Same for people with the inability to cope with people around us, in our workspace, and on social media. Unless clarity dawns in minds of people, there cannot be a creative output.

One must understand that all emotional trauma or disturbances misalign the system thereby, not letting the act of creativity manifest.

Creativity can be honed and increased through practice.

But undoubtedly, our psychological environment creates room for art in its full glory.

Overusing Creative faculties stunt Creativity

Sometimes one may be constantly be involved with art.

Out of inspiration, you may create a lot of great works. But, if we tend to get greedy and try to over-produce, the creative faculties shrink or pull back.

It happens as a consequence of over-exertion and defines itself as a natural phenomenon.

Creative works are expressions of the Divine and manifest with the proper alignment of the mind with the spirit.

The slightest of distortions in intentions leads to stunted creativity.

Questions to ask oneself

We should start asking this question “Am I stretching too far or expecting something more from my creative activity? Am I relaxed? Am I enjoying my work?” Unless there are positive responses to the above questions, creativity shall prove to be a futile venture.

Pursuing materialistic goals through Creative endeavors

The best way to allow creativity to manifest is through non-expectation.

Non-expectation is a spiritual quality. Creativity should be spontaneous and becomes possible with alighting the burden of earning a livelihood from it, at least consciously.

The story changes if creativity makes room for itself while you try making a living from it. That is upon the creative faculty to decide.

But it is foolish to think in terms of earning money through it as it can lead to unnecessary stress on your mind.

One should pursue creativity for the love and joy of the creative process. Let passion for what you love decide how it goes.

Keep asking the questions we discussed earlier to keep your creative faculties under check. If you get a yes, after being honest to those questions, follow your passion.

Do not force yourself to earn money consciously through the creative angle. It will be a betrayal.

Instead, focus on honing your skills and graduating on the ladder of creative achievement.

By achievement, I mean internal and not external.

If this is your approach, the presiding deity of creativity shall earn you a living through a path that shall notch satisfaction above all.

Pride and its negative impact on Artists


If one becomes proud of one’s creative achievements, there is an immediate effect on our creative output.

Every signal of emotional disharmony thwarts the flow of creative juices.

Our sensory perceptions and skills start becoming blunt. Creativity is all about expressing the finer aspects of creation.

But, ineffective equipment blames creativity as a repetitive task that never ignites the interest of the on-looker.

In simple terms, Pride kills creativity. Getting rid of mind-related vices and compulsions becomes crucial for a person pursuing art.

Only if the mind’s dross is under check can the creativity express itself in the most positive ways, retaining its continuance for a prolonged period.

What are Creative blocks?

Sometimes, creativity seems to withhold itself, compelling people to retire from creative work.

In such situations, one should consciously take a break and not give in to the dictates of the mind.

Creative blocks are common for writers, music composers, painters, etc. So, if you are facing it, you are one of them. You need not worry.

Instead, look at them as an indication to take a break, which will help you return with strengthened fervor.

It shall fix the problem.

Need for Consistency

Consistency is necessary for success.

However, when you free yourself of compulsions, the laws of the world will no longer bind you. Art is born in that freedom.

Consistency is usually necessary to form a new habit, something positive. In the domain of the soul, you are present. When ridding yourself of all compulsions that bind you, art is born. Soul power drives art. An artist lives in the moment and surrenders to Supreme Will.

Artists who do not attribute their skill to God are not creative in their truest sense as they are oblivious of the source of creativity.

People can never take ownership of their achievements. It just takes a moment, (the artist’s block that we discussed earlier) to make one realize that he or she is not responsible for their supposed creativity.

Works of such ignorant people are mere imitations of reality.

Inner qualities of a Creative person


Luxuries and comfort are not prime objectives of a true artist.

His art flows as a result of that inner condition that does not depend on external factors.

Discipline does not directly promote creativity. However, this state of creativity is a result of a soulful endeavor.

If lack of creativity concerns you all the time, take a break from it. Just go with the flow.

Do not bind yourself to your compulsions of art.

Then when you get back to it, with a mind devoid of stress and clutter, creativity will flood in. It brings happiness to your life and refreshes you. The power of creativity floods happiness into your life.

Being creative cannot be a privilege or a commodity of reputed artists but, it can be your very expression.

Creativity and art are ways of life and by connecting with life, you automatically become creative and artistic.

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