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Spilling My Heart out, All Over the Paper; I Am a Writer

Politics aside, there is much more to me. I am passionate about many things and those are the things which sustain me.


Why I Write

For me, personally, I write:

When happy or special moments inspire me

Through sad, trying and difficult times

To journal a special event or a milestone

I write when:

Some particular thing or event is weighing heavy on my heart

I've taken an interest in a certain subject

Things on which I am passionate, consume me until I do

There is great News to be shared

I write for multiple reasons, too many reasons to list.

Others may write for a specific reason.

Some, because they have expertise in a certain area, which they wish to share with the world. A gift for writing and an enjoyment of writing, allow them to do so.

Others are born with an overactive imagination and have a knack or an ability to bring that gift to life; by way of a short story, a book, a novel.

There are those that have the ability to inspire; their words are magical and lyrical and they bring great joy to more people, than they will ever realize.

Many may write on multiple subjects and many may focus on just one.

From the time that I can first remember and, of course, had the ability to put a pencil to paper, I was always writing; in my diary, in my composition book, on the back page of a coloring book, whatever was at my disposal, wherever there was space:

Events of the day

Things which made me happy

That which made me sad

Butting heads with my Parents, appreciating and honoring my Parents (sometimes all on the same day)

A breakup; a new relationship

My thoughts on God, on Life, on America...

Taking my thoughts and putting them into print, oftentimes consumes me. Until I do, I am not productive in any aspect of my life. But, there are also times, when I cannot manage to gather my thoughts and/or get them into print, no matter how hard that I may try.

In college, my favorite course was, 'Creative Writing'. It wasn't required, but I could not resist.

I loved that class and gained more from it than from any other...maybe that was all about indulgence vs. necessity.

After my children were born, it became all about them

I'd always be jotting down their cute little sayings and 'special events'; such as when my son tried to save a lizard, an armadillo and even an hum!

I don't think it was all on the same day, I'd have to go back and review my journal.

Sounds like the makings of a future kid's book title though,'The Lizard, the Armadillo and the Earthworm'.....someday, perhaps after retirement.

I don't know that my son will always remember, but I will, because I jotted down the details and in doing so:

I took it from mind, to paper, to heart, to keeps

I now have grandchildren and they give me some great material!

Passion or Obsession?

Most people will log such things/events, into their memory bank (I am not speaking of any devices) and a Writer is capable of doing the same, they are not deficient in doing so, they just have to take it a step further.

You could say that if it is not written down, an 'i' has been dotted, but the 't' has been neglected, because the time wasn't taken to cross it or vise versa, a proper follow through has not taken place

Does that make any sense?

Of course it does, to the writers.

It is my experience, if I cannot instantly transcribe my thoughts to paper, if I cannot get to my keyboard quickly enough; I feel as if I will explode.

At the very least, I feel agitated up and until, I can begin to write or type.

I will not sleep, when an idea is in my head or on my heart, until I am up and writing or typing.

It really is annoying at times, (when I just want to sleep, when I have a truckload of things to do) maybe if I can just plug a couple of key words into my memory bank, I will be good and that will suffice until the morrow comes.

I ask you fellow Writers, does that work for you?

Each Unique to the Other

While we have the same tendencies to write, to get our thoughts to paper as quickly as possible, that is where it ends; we all have our own style, our preferred words and methods, our own unique abilities.

It is difficult for some of us to be placed into a box with certain parameters and guidelines, limiting us or holding us back

A lot of talented people are never recognized because they are too unique, while others are praised for being anything but unique.

Some have the ability to market themselves much better than another, that doesn't necessarily make them a better Writer, but definitely makes them a better Marketer.

Others are left behind in the shadows, because along with a love for writing, they are juggling multiple things that keep them from spending more time on their passion, life goes on, the bills must be paid and all that.

I know this same thing could be said about so many other interests, as well.

It is a part of the many parts, of me

As for me, I am a work in progress.

Although I have been writing for a lifetime, I consider myself a novice.

I am my own worst critic

I do not always convey my thoughts to paper, as I have mapped it out in my head and that is disappointing and frustrating at times.

I fall short, often

But, that will not deter me, I will always write, as long as I am able to do so.

My advice to an up and coming writer or one that has been doing it for a lifetime, be disappointed, get frustrated, but never give up!

As with any skill or trade, keep working on it , keep bettering yourself.

Keep improving!

Learn from others that have mastered the art, take their constructive criticism and utilize it.

Ignore those that criticize you, simply to hurt you, hold you back or keep you out of what they perceive as their world and theirs alone.

Take those breaks, that we all require from time to time, rejuvenate and then -

get back in the fight.

Fall back into your own personal groove.

Just be you; no one else is going to do it any better!

Write On!

AB Williams

© 2018 A B Williams

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