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Soul Vs. Personality's Imitation of It, as a Part of Religious Indoctrination

Val finds his fun at satirizing the flaws of the political, religious, cultural, and medico-pharmaceutical paradigms.

Sometimes the most evolved souls take the most challenging paths.

-- Brian Weiss


Unwelcome Questioning Some Tenets of Religious Belief

We could generalize how art, whether written or otherwise expressed, is calibrated for an intended emotional and/or intellectual response. And then, we authors, either succeed there, or we don't, considering the vast diversity of the public tastes.

Thus while trying to be funny, we may turn out silly, or even downright foolish; whereas our opinions may hit the wall of a total disagreement, or in a milder form, boredom.

This post may be taking such a risk, as it's challenging the majority of readers -- particularly religious ones -- with its views about the true nature of soul, which may not fit in their emotionally charged beliefs.

Strange but true, it is so much easier to change what we "know" than what we "believe", simply because there is no emotion attached to information. It comes painless for us to know something better than we knew before.

However, there is this unavoidable strong resistance to anything that is challenging our deep convictions. Especially when it's about a contention that a great majority of the people are pretty much consciously detached from their soul.

But dare to find out how.

Historically, wars were started over "whose god was a true god", and many a friendship was broken over a single religious discussion -- because religious beliefs tend to be strongly attached to people's very instinct of survival, which gets upset by such challenges.

Now, what is "soul" in the first place?

It's our "higher self", an individualized extension of universal consciousness that we may call a "god", or -- out of a sheer humbleness in front of its unfathomable nature -- call it simply the "intelligence behind all creation".

So far, the definition offered here may not show much difference between the standard religious interpretation and a non-religious one.

The point at which that rather strong difference appears obvious is in the fact that we are also personalities, and personalities don't operate from soul -- rather from people's autopilot, meaning the compilation of acquired beliefs, learned behaviors, and strategies of psycho-physical survival, as well as a personalized emotional repertoire.

It would be fair to say that, as personalities, we are attaching our deliberate meaning to those "higher realms" -- more often than not as the result of having been indoctrinated into such interpretations.

Religiousness occupies a large part of our collective consciousness, and it's easy to get suggestively swayed into something that's globally so popular. And, since one of its main tenets demands that we "don't question -- but kneel and believe", it bypasses our rational thinking and we are "all into it".

Upon even a superficial observation at the state of this world, we simply must agree that religion, with some millennia of its being around, and with love being officially its most prominent tenet, hasn't succeeded to make our coexistence more loving, tolerating and harmonious.

That alone could serve as a pretty convincing evidence for the conclusion that people are not operating from their souls -- but rather their deliberate and quite normative religious positionalities which have created more division than closeness between some large masses of people.


What keeps the life fascinating is the constant creativity of the soul.

-- Deepak Chopra

Soul Has No Religious, or Other Preferences Preferences

The very fact that I could choose to follow any of the organized religions from the assortment at culture market -- clearly says that it's a matter of my personal preference what I believe -- not an expression of my soul.

Soul, being the source of love, doesn't have preferences, it doesn't discriminate, it doesn't reason or analyze, because in its perfect nature everything is finite, with no need to be enforced by this or that system of beliefs, this or that god, this or that ritual.

Our personality is judging by its own example and by its own interests of survival -- that our god also likes being glorified like we do, and that we can bribe him by that glorification to treat us favorably and mercifully.

In other words, we are personifying that universal intelligence which is galaxies beyond our limited and oftentimes clumsy reasoning, when it comes to those realms for which we are not wired in our brains to grasp their nature.

Thus, our soul is not a part of our personality, having nothing to do with our tastes, our preferences, our competition with others, and our political orientation -- even including our patriotism. which is merely a more culturally advanced aspect of animalistic territoriality, and a sentiment for our "habitat and herd" sustaining us.

Thus, just like having a preference about a religion, we can have a preference about which locality on earth we may choose to live in -- nothing to do with our soul, no matter how much we may glorify that place as something sacred.

It's truly ludicrous to see such a superior intelligence, which is keeping our DNA in its orderly functioning and maintaining that very ignition spark of life in us -- to be bothered with our petty personal and social preoccupations.

It comes to the logical conclusion that, since we cannot use soul as a part of our crappy ego's survival arsenal -- we keep it at the periphery in the hierarchy of our mental forces.

At the platform of our daily functioning in life, something like soul is "too useless for our kicking some ass, for which we need a lot of toughness, not love". It's a dog-eat-dog-world, baby, and there is no place for loving in this game of getting ahead in life-- O,K., let's make sex an exception.

So we reason, and it serves us right.

By confusing their personality's religious belief with expression of their soul -- people have estranged themselves from their soul, and in the proportion of that estrangement they are suffering from a plethora of mental, emotional, and physical issues. Much of it being caused by inner conflict between religious idealization and a "sinful" personality. We may see many devoted religionists suffer a bad health -- whereas a true expression of soul would prevent it all.

It all really boils down to what aspect of our nature we are identifying with.

Being religious is not the same as being spiritual -- period.

Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad, and other icons of higher knowledge, were not religious -- religion used the magnitude of their significance for its purposes of manipulating with the masses.

Indeed, they were expressing their soul, not their belief in this or that system of ideas, which is the property of personality. Soul doesn't recognize existence of "evil", it is not in a "struggle", as struggle belongs to the nature of personality, whose main concern is survival.

Jesus could not have performed a single of those miracles had there been a dash of doubt in his soul, or an atom of energy wasted on a struggle with some resistance to his intention.

It's only personality obsessed by survival, that sees duality like "good-and-evil".

Soul doesn't feel threatened, because it is eternal and nothing in this universe is stronger than love, which is the basic principle of beingness. Without love, all our body cells would be in a constant competition and struggle for food and oxygen, there would be none of this unfathomable biological orchestration and order within us where every single atom knows what to do in every fraction of a second.

It borders with the insane how we implicate soul in our games of intolerance and hatred, how we succeed to convince ourselves that by parroting some verses from our holy books, and by performing some rituals we can brush under the carpet all political, ethnical, religious, racial and business-generated antagonism.

We loosely talk about soul as something that is so "familiar" from those books and sermons, whereas it stays out of our domain -- since we are not spiritually disciplined enough to grab the reins away from our personality and become closer to our divine predestination.


The living soul of man, once conscious of its power, cannot be quelled.

-- Horace Mann

Soul Is The Healer -- When Trusted

Being an oddball, thanks to my thinking out of box (or out of the cultural paradigm), I have encountered a comical number of those calling themselves "very religious" -- albeit somehow not "accepting" enough to really follow the Word. It was more like a "diplomatic acceptance", like advertising their religious generosity.

Not that I was going from door to door in style of Jehovah's witnesses to have the doors slammed in my face -- but here and there people openly showed an emotional negative response to my non-normative, non-intrusive views, as discussion would touch soul and its expression.

And it particularly took that turnout as we would be talking about health.

Now, many years before I would read the book "You Are the Placebo" by Dr. Joe Dispenza (well. all of his books, also quite tempted to call him my "literary mentor"), intuitively, or stemming from my soul, I adopted the idea that we are at source of both, our health and our sickness.

I got more than enough of my own proofs that our soul heals more than that little papercut on our finger, as long as we give it a due chance.

Meaning -- stepping out of its way with self-inflicted stresses and bothering ourselves with matters over which we have no control whatsoever. Being in my humble and life long quest to explore the unknowns of my own human essence, that was one of the most prominent, probably most useful realization having to do with practicalities of living.

I have repeated it a lot, maybe not enough, and maybe just to make it look like a repetitious bragging -- but I haven't seen a doctor in 16 years, and at this age of 77, I can still thread a needle without glasses. O.K. won't get carried away with some other things I can do as someone half my age.

I could go on and on with this bragging, but not to worry -- I'm going to make it mercifully short.

With my mental discipline I can speak firsthand about the difference between expressing a soul and expressing a personality. It's for those deep meditative states that such a differentiation has become so clear.

All my concerns attached to survival get so beautifully minimized as my soul floods all of my being with good energies. And I learned how crucially important it is to keep nurturing elevated emotions, which upregulate my genetic expression resulting with a robust health at this age.

It pretty much means an emotional detachment from circumstances. In a sense, it's even a detachment from my body, as my soul is not obeying what physiological sensations body is computing into their mental equivalent -- but in a reverse motion it inspires the body to join its higher states.

We may say that each discomfort, condition and sickness vibrate within a band of frequencies, which get prevented from manifesting themselves due to a strong positive frequency of the soul.

On the other hand, I personally know quite a few religiously active people -- some of them my close friends -- who are frequenting to one doctor and specialist or another.

Those of a competitive nature, of course, don't want to ascribe it to my non-religious spirituality, but rather say: "You are lucky to have been born with good genes" -- showing right there how unfamiliar they are with the science of epigenetics which places full responsibility of our genetic expression right on our lap.

But O.K., let everyone draw their own conclusions -- who am I to change any of it.

While at the second phase of my current personal project, I can afford to do this writing, which was not possible at the beginning of it, some ten days ago or so.. And still not planning to write nearly as much as I used to, I got this inspiration, somewhat stemming from the project itself, to say a few about soul and its religious imitation.

I also reaffirmed my much mentioned not caring about my popularity, as topics like this don't generate friendly reactions. Well, I've never been much of an appeaser, so I am not going to start now.

Maybe just a figment of my imagination, but I am always envisioning a couple of readers out there who appreciate my openness without use of any white gloves.

Be well everyone.

© 2022 Val Karas

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