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Some New Feelings Today

West Bengal India

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder! True.
Let us try to understand the terms love, romance and relationship from some poetic scenes from Sanskrit and Tamil literature.
First from an anthology called from early Tamil literature.
A hero on seeing the heroine fell in love with her. Love at first sight. She also felt the same.
The hero tells to the heroine, thus:
"Oh! What could be my mother and father be to yours? How did you and I meet ever? The hearts filled with love mingled together like the drops of rain that mingle with the red sand on the earth and becomes one and cannot be easily separated.
The moment the water mingle with the sand nobody can separate the red colour or the sand from the water".
Like this two hearts mingled together and become one. There may be two bodies but both have only one breadth.
They can not bear the separation. Such is the nature of real love.
One more Scene from a Sanskrit poem. This poem was very much attracted the great King Bhoja who is a very great scholar. He quotes this poem in his famous work titled " "
A friend of the forlorn wife to the enquiring lover replies his questions like this:
"Is she well and cheerful?"
"She lives".
"I ask you, "Is she well?".'
"I have replied, "she lives".'
"You are saying the same thing again".
"Am I to say she is dead when she still breathes?"
Such is the condition of his beloved wife.

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