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How Is the Modern Lifestyle Defying Gravity?

Kritee is an international student from India, pursuing her masters' studies in Stockholm.

Smoke Rises Up

Law Of Gravity

Newton's law of gravity states that every object tends to fall; i.e., every object is attracted towards the center of the earth by a force known as the gravitational force. But does this always hold? Well, I am reminded of an incident.

Newton's concept of gravity had just been introduced to us. The idea was still sinking in our minds when one of my classmate's hands shot up in the air. She very rightly pointed out that if, according to Newton, all objects tend to fall, why then smoke rises.

Many years have passed since then. Till today whenever I hear something related to gravity or Newton's famous encounter with the apple, I am reminded of her. Now, of course, being a science student, I know the answer to her query.

But now, when I think of it, there are actually so many other things in our life that have been defying Newton's law of gravity shamelessly. Newton can explain why smoke rises up, but I wonder how he would explain the rise of certain things predominating modern life.

Here is a list of the things which are happily choosing the path of rise.

Competition on a rise

Competition on a rise

Competition rises, so does Demand

In my first example, I will talk about the noticeable increase in competition. Be it the competition among the school kids to own the better pencil box or the competition among the neighbours about whose nameplate is better; the competition seems to be on the rise everywhere. The younger generations try to keep pace with the ever-demanding lifestyle, and the old ones continue to cherish and proclaim to the world the tension-free life they enjoyed during their youth.

Competition has, in turn, led to the rise in people's demands. Everyone wants to own the best of resources with just nobody satisfied to settle with something less. To maintain one's status in society, which is so very important to some people, it has become essential to discard all thoughts of restrain and go for the sky. No matter what is lost in the process, just like the smoke, which does not bother what it shrouds in its neighbouring when it rises up.

"A run begins the moment you forget you are running"

Dishonesty is the best policy

The level of dishonesty has risen like no other. There is corruption, treachery, deceit everywhere. From the roadside vendor to the elite business person, the government clerk to the ministers in the high ranks of the government, the traffic constable to the well-established lawyer of the High Court, the primary school teacher to the vice-chancellor, the compounder to the surgeon of the best nursing home, dishonesty is invariably accepted as the best policy.

Dishonesty has made way into the smallest of institutions, that is, a family, where the husband cheats on his wife without knowing that she is cheating on him too. Nowadays, these stories are as common as feeling thirsty after a long run. If this is true, how can the large institutions, i.e., an industry get respite from the clutches of dishonesty? The boss enjoys the power he feels when he unlawfully tries to lay claim on his junior's work. All this while he is oblivious of the fact that his juniors only do half of the work he pays them for.

Phrases such as ' I trust you' or 'I know she will keep her word' have become obsolete in today's world. Instead, phrases such as 'I know she would betray' or 'I can never trust you again' are more heard these days.

"That was how dishonesty and betrayal started, not in big lies but in small secrets."

Man= A slave of medicines

Man= A slave of medicines

Are you impatient?

Health requires Wealth

Another thing which has the propensity to rise is the ill health of the people. In family gatherings, each one puts in their best effort to prove that he suffers from the maximum ailments. The number of pills increases with age so does the queue in front of the doctor's chamber. As more diseases get added to a medical student's syllabus, the pressure on him to learn it up also shows a sign of rise.

This physical bad being of a person is directly proportional to his mentally ill state of mind. Thereby making selfishness, impatience, arrogance the order of the day.

Another thing which I would like to add to the already long list is pollution. The menacing effect of pollution on the environment is a hot topic of discussion everywhere today. But the pollution I am talking about is psychological pollution or, to simply say, the contamination of minds. It is definitely the impure minds that have led to the rise of crime in human society. Given the current statistics, the characteristics curve of crime would definitely show the steepest rise.

Law of gravity needs modification?

Like these, there are many other things that happily and confidently go against the law of gravity. No amount of gravitational force is strong enough to pull them down. Therefore, to give smoke company here comes a new generation of law changers, following the path of rise. Maybe, after all, it is time that we propose that the law of gravity be modified a bit to accommodate the modern world. Who do you think should relent? The law of gravity or our modern way of living.

© 2015 Kritee Mahanti

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