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So Why Should I Beware of Chocolate Cakes?

Kenneth is a rural citizen of Hamilton, Ala., and has begun to observe life and certain things and people helping him to write about them.

Here's how it starts ...

Sad but True News

I am bringing you. And truth be known, I really did not want to do this. But there was no other way except buying full-page ads in nationally-circulated newspapers, magazines, and a few billboards. To say nothing about the TV and radio time. Even with all of these news outlets, I would still wonder if I had did enough to tell you about the chocolate cake?

Sure, a chocolate cake is one of “America’s Gems,” very lovable, easy to eat, and always able to be a friend to even the ones with the coldest hearts. That aptly describes the chocolate cake. Of course, Hemmingway and Poe would have different views about one of our favorite desserts, but since they are not here, I will carry on to do the best that I can, because I do not want you to be further deceived.

Time was, America’s main worry was Communism which was prevalent in the Cold War, but since the collapse of The Red Menace, Americans really do not have that much to worry about. Don’t worry. We Americans can always find something to occupy our minds and I am no different. Right now I have something (to worry about) that has been near us all for years and never made a sound. I am so ashamed of not being so prepared, but the “threat” I am talking about is the Chocolate Cake.

Staring at this delicious chocolate cake will make you hungry.

Staring at this delicious chocolate cake will make you hungry.

Yes, the Chocolate Cake

poses more of a problem than you would fathom. Now I am not here to point fingers at the many cake chefs that work in America, but the way that I feel is someone had to do it.

The sad thing about chocolate cake is that, and now be honest, it is terribly hard to just eat one piece of cake. Me? I can eat two pieces any day of the week and have some hot, black coffee with it and I am in Heaven.

Just look at it sitting alone in a quiet place—probably sitting underneath a crystal cake covering and plate, all dressed up and ready for us to devour this American delicacy. But once the cake has entered the mouth, a funny thing happens: (if I know my body) before I know it, my appetite has not been satisfied and there I am at the cake plate ready for more chocolate cake.

No other cake would do. Not coconut with white icing, the Red Velvet cake or even the famous Apple Cake. They might be good, but they are not in the same kitchen as a chocolate cake. And what single girl would dare to deny this gift of a nice chocolate cake if the guy who has eyes for her wanted to give her something “different”? Not many, I tell you. There are as many “Chocolate Cake Freaks,” as there are Junk Food Junkies. Make no mistake. Chocolate cake is not considered junk food, so do not talk about this sweet creation and try to put it in with junk food. Otherwise you will be embarrassed when a “Chocolate Cake Freak” knocks your block off and you are sent home.

I Dare to Say That

when I was growing up with a poverty background, there wasn’t enough money for “Luxury Needs” such as chocolate cakes, so family and I learned to live without chocolate cakes. Tough? You know it. The only time that I got to enjoy a chocolate cake is when my family and I went to one of those famous Sunday All-Day Meetings With Dinner on The Ground and when lunch time came, I scoured the food tables in search of chocolate cake. Actually, chocolate cake was all that I wanted. You could keep the fried chicken and cornbread, but leave my chocolate cake alone.

And there were times when a gift was required and the only acceptable gift was a freshly-baked chocolate cake covered in luscious chocolate icing. What a treat. Then in my childhood, when a neighbor passed away, the other neighbors all pitched in and took loads of food to the grieving family—and guess what food led the way? You got it. Chocolate cake. There was just something about a chocolate cake.

In World War I and II, I was told that when our fighting men needed a boost of confidence and as a sign of appreciation, their wives and girlfriends sent them a box with chocolate cake. The sharing of the cake was up to the recipient. But as I put my place in the war-time situation and my wife were to send me a chocolate cake, you bet I would appreciate such a gift and yes, I would surely share it with my buddies.



So why Should I

beware of such an humble chocolate cake? Just read and learn. I know that it is so tough to eat just one slice of chocolate cake, so this proves that, and I am including myself, that Chocolate Cake Addiction is just a bite away.

Chocolate cake can be at the root of many short words among good friends. One of the two great friends receives a gift (of chocolate cake) causing the other friend to be very jealous and suddenly words are exchanged and then anger pops its ugly head out and then two friends are enemies.

If a person were to eat slice after slice of delicious chocolate cake, this would lead to the person to being a glutton, then despised by his friends and neighbors, plus he would be so sick from the chocolate cake that he would surely swear-off the pleasure of a chocolate cake.

The chocolate cake can be responsible for couples to break-up simply because the girl part of the couple finds that she literally loves chocolate with a fiery passion and before you know it, she is received weight loss lectures from her ex-boyfriend.

A few Interesting Chocolate Cake Facts:

that you may not be aware of. Did you know that chocolate cake goes with almost anything that is put on a dining table. There are some in our country who enjoy a piece of chocolate cake with their breakfast coffee. You see, chocolate cake not only goes with almost anything, but is loved by almost everyone. It is the ones who do not like chocolate cake are the ones who haven’t tasted such a piece of manna.

You would think that ice cream is the perfect topping for chocolate cake, but you would be wrong. I have heard of chocolate cake lovers have been known to eat a dab or two of peanut butter worked right into the cake. And there are those who are down-right dare-devils because they reach for a known company’s chocolate syrup and pour it over their cake and they are a happy as a clam.

Fact: some chocolate cake experts would argue that someone who loves to decorate cakes will like vanilla icing to adorn their cake, but the truth is, a chocolate cake stands alone with its remarkable taste of pure chocolate with matching chocolate icing. Just to sample a piece right after you take the cake from the oven cannot be described with any string of adjectives.

And now I leave you with a bit of philosophy that you can dwell on. Always remember . ..”a man who has chocolate cake is never hungry.”

May 14, 2019______________________________________________

© 2019 Kenneth Avery

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