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Snuff And Sermons Do Mix After All

I was born in the south. I live in the south and will die in the south. This is only a small part of the memories I share.

Here I Go Again With

a topic that will do two things: one, bring light to a sensitive topic and two, could manufacture a chuckle. After all, church is made-up of human beings, not machines. Does this sound like it is going to make sense? I sure hope so, because I have researched it to death.

Anytime you attend church, you are on two sides, the one where you and I sit in pews, folding chairs, and in olden times on the ground. Like church, preachers and evangelists have been around since John, The Baptist was baptizing people in the Jordan River. I have always wondered what I would say if John and I were to meet up somewhere and what would I say to him?

Speaking of John, The Baptist, I can tell you that there are two sides of Christianity: religion and a relationship with God. Me? I have tried the religion thing many years ago and frankly, I was miserable, and I knew later that the preachers (in this day) could only deliver what they knew, but most of it was the "Do Not's" and not the "Do's," which made me very confused and fearful about leaving my house each day. The religion made me see God as an old man with a long white beard sitting on His throne--ready to zap people like me who were struggling to their best, but failing.

On the side of "Do's" I can tell you from experience, and I am NOT taking credit for this, but Jesus said in the New Testament . . ."Many shall say to me Lord, Lord, but I will say, depart from me because I never knew you, only the ones who DO the will of The Father shall inherit the Kingdom of God."

Before I share this piece about Snuff and Sermons Do Mix After All, I will close (this segment)

by sharing arguably, the most-simple plan that anyone can have if they are struggling about what should I do to make God smile? The answer: Do His will. And that means, loving yourself as you do your neighbors and that way, you will be fulfilling the Royal God that is in the New Testament. The neighbors are NOT just those good people who attend church although you can do God's will for them, but seek those people of every race and color and show them a glimpse of God's love John: 3:16 and you will be happy and blessed.

Preacher Elder Mark H. Thompson.

Preacher Elder Mark H. Thompson.

Now To The Main Topic

that deals with a small rural church somewhere in a small settlement somewhere in Georgia. The summer came so hot that even the hot chili was fanning. That is hot. In the summer, it was time for Revival Time and that stood for a traveling evangelist who stayed on the roads preaching God's Word--and doing God's will. And evangelist, truth be told, is not a church pastor, so learn the difference.

In this small church, the congregation was made up of people with almost every walk of life--farmers, mechanics, carpenters, and among this small-but-close congregation, sat an elderly widow woman and people knew her well as the most-faithful member to this small church and when Revival Time came, she was there and never missed a day or night.

The Revival was going wide-open, even as successful as "gangbusters," with many people experiencing re-dedication to God, confessing their sins, and just getting a closer walk with God. All except the elderly widow woman a, "Miss Carraway," who sat in the middle of the congregation in not just in the Revival, but when regular church was held. It was like that she sat in the place on the pew that really belonged to her. And those around her respected her for that. But she had one small habit: dipping snuff.

Then, as if God grew closer to this small, rural congregation, it was on a Friday night, the temperature was near 98 degrees even with the church members firing-up a few oscillating fans, but still, people were sweating enough to wet their dresses, shirts, and slacks. Even the evangelist, this "Rev. Gillispie," an evangelist for 34 years and him still being a young man at 55 years of age. He loved traveling and sharing God's Word.

On Friday night, "Rev. Gillispie," was really rolling--hitting his marks never missing a scripture--wiping sweat, sharing God's word as the church members' eyes were set frozen on his mouth and what it said to them, which by the way, was all good news of the Gospel.

This next part was just like a television script that called for action and drama together. "Rev. Gillispie," was roaming left to right and back again, and sometimes he would hit the pulpit to make a point, but on THIS one smack from his right hand, came a few hundred red wasps who had built themselves a nice nest inside the pulpit. But "Rev. Gillispie," was shocked by this wasp attack and began holding his hands and arms for fear of shock going up his body. No doctors were in the tent.

Then, in Superman (or Woman-like) fashion, "Miss Carraway," leaped to "Rev. Gillispie's" aid and before he could tell her what to do, she grabbed her dip of snuff that she had in her bottom lip and applied it to the wasp stings on his hand--and in a few minutes, the sting of the stings (as well as the swelling) were gone. "Miss Carraway," just stood there to make sure that "Rev. Gillispie," was going to be fine.

"Hallelujah!!!" yelled "Rev. Gillispie," thankful that the wasp stings were gone and also that "Miss Carraway," was wise enough to be in attendance on that night---and as for her snuff-dipping, there was NOT one word that came from him or any of the members.

It was decided (on that night) that "Mss Carraway" did God's Will perfectly.


June 6, 2019________________________________________________________

David Turner preaching.

David Turner preaching.

© 2019 Kenneth Avery

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