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Six Professions I Wanted to Become When I Was a Child


Being a child is one of the most amazing stage of human life. A state of a child is an innocent and clear feeling he or she has or is exhibiting. Children are amazing and naturally loving.

Who said children don’t have anything they think about? The thought that go through a child’s mid are serious business and it's most important to them, and I had such thoughts. What a child thinks, pictures reality into their mind and they desire to see that happen in their lives.

As a child there were many things that I loved and I desired to become all of them; I really love military, and jets. I was also inspired by a book I read by Ben Carson titled, ‘Gifted Hands’ and then I wanted to be a Doctor. Thereafter, my career wishes built up. Funny right?

Pilot: a jet fighter

Pilot: a jet fighter

Here are the top six things I wanted to become when I was a child

A soldier: I was always the kind of child who loved action movie and having a dad who always buys the disc of such action movie, I wasn’t far away from becoming a soldier. I loved their uniforms and the boots and the way they do their routines: jogging, marching, shouting, and shooting targets. And the fact that women were soldier and Hero’s, I was encouraged.

Well that was ticked in my notebook. I was sure I wanted to become a soldier.

A pilot: This was also associated with the military movies I watched. Acrobat was something I desired to do. Seeing jet in the clouds turned upside down, flying, it was amazing. The jets, having so many buttons and the pilot knew them all? I was so ready to be a pilot when I grew up. So I made up my mind to be a Soldier Pilot.

A medical doctor

A medical doctor

A doctor: Do you really know what It means to know what is truly wrong with a person by asking them to open their eyes or touching the pulse in their wrist? Well, that was the extent of my thought about Doctors. I didn’t know that being a Doctor was more than that. The tests to be carried out or the questions that must be asked, with discretion involved! Well. What did I know?

But must interestingly, what dragged me to love Doctors asides those ritual they did when they have a patient, is the white gown they wore. So, I imagined myself dressed in a white dress with my white Doctor’s gown on and a stethoscope. Professional, right?

I looked at my checklist and added it. I decided I could complete these courses in two years each!


A Singer: Music is actually my hubby so I love anything music, but most especially Country Music. I wanted to become a singer because…... well, I think because I naturally love music. The notes, the pitch, the tone and I love Dolly Parton too; it won’t be too bad to learn to be like her right? But believe me, you don't want to hear me sing. That was just a hoping wish; and it was the last on my notebook.

Being a child is fun and as I was growing up, I came to learn that things don’t really come true by wishing and fantasizing about it. Why can’t I even become all of these? It will all make sense when I grow up and it did.

In as much as I still love the other career, I actually know what I want now.

Cheers to being a child!

A Journalist: Just look how they stand there confident, and command English. A journalist had this specialty in them which I admired. They would look straight into the camera and would hardly make a mistake while talking. The choice to become a Journalist wasn’t only nurtured. It was already planted in my heart.

An Actress: this was becoming one of my fast grooming careers in my list back then, overriding the rest. Do you see the way Silvester Stallone acts? He fights as well as drives all moving vehicles you can think of. What about Arnold Schwarzenegger? These men and many more were always the Hero in any movie. They never lost a fight. Seeing those movies encouraged me to become an Actress in as much as I knew that I couldn’t become them with admiration. I couldn’t even do a little of what those action movie actors did. Was it Judo I wanted to start practicing? Nah!

But never kill the dreams of a child. I let the fire burning.

What do you want to say next? Dancing? Nope. It was…………

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