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Single Parenting Encouragement

I am divorced single parent of three beautiful kids. I am in the process of getting my CCS in Medical billing and coding.

Single parenting encouragement

Anyone can be a mom or dad, however in my opinion it takes unconditional love, strength, courage, discipline, and a good role model to be a parent.

Single parenting may look easy to some and to others it may look hard. I for one should tell you that it is both. It is never a typical day when it comes to parenting. However, you do have your good days, bad days, the what in the world days, and the days where you just want the day to hurry and end whereas it never existed. Raising kids does not come with a manual and it sure doesn’t come with a map that has a legend key. I do know that every single parent deals with it in his/her unique way and do the best they can. I know that there are support groups and for those who live in areas like I do whereas support groups are like non-existent parenting can be hard.

Unconditional Love

Single parenting can be hard; however, kids are impressionable and they deserve all of the unconditional love in the world, regardless of how they act, what they say, and do. They are precious, innocent beings that need the right guidance so that they will be able to live successful lives in this cruel world. Unconditional love also includes discipline when they need it. Strength, courage, compassion, passion, endurance, and a role model for the kids and the parent to make life at least comfortable. I know at times that is not always easy. As a child gets older all we can do as parents give the best advice as possible and still show them the unconditional love that this cruel world will never be able to give them.


As single parents we work, some are pursuing a career and maybe in some type of online class or course. It takes strength to be able to manage and balance kids, work, classes/courses. It takes strength to deal with whatever it is the child (ren) are dealing with. As stated earlier it takes unconditional love and strength to overcome obstacles that may seem at times to hinder us. Unconditional love, Perseverance, durability, and strength will conquer all of those obstacles.


Taking on the role of single parenting takes courage. Never underestimate yourself as a single parent; you are the best parent in the world. Why? Because you have taken on a job that will always be rewarding, and sometimes with disappointments; however, you are the most courageous person in the world because you are doing something that most people who don’t have kids would never understand. Raising kids is undoubtfully, truly a blessing and beautiful. Standing in the gap for your kids, always doing what is best for your kids, and making decisions although tough at times for your kids. You are very courageous as a single parent no matter what the kids do, or say.


As a single parent, we hate having to see our kids crying, sad, and even disappointed. However, I feel like this without discipline they will feel like rules do not have to be followed as they get older and will end up in the penitentiary system or worse dead. Discipline starts at home; in my home, I have the three-strike rule. After the third time of telling my kids something and they don’t do, I make them write 100 times I will do what mom tells me to do. Usually, by the time they get to number 20 or even 25 they come running to me saying they are sorry and go do what I told them to do. There are times after the third time I make them read the dictionary and write the word, the part of speech of the word, the definition of the word, and a sentence with the word in it. There are other times I would put them in time out and ground them. They have to learn a lesson, and I will sit with them and explain to them that I don’t like disciplining them and tell them why I have to discipline them so that way they can have a clear understanding.

Role Model

Single parents must be role models to their kids since the kid's parents are who they look up to first. Setting the right example is an important factor. Kids are influenced nowadays by music, trending fashions, videogames, and the list goes on. As the parent, it is our job to be sure that we are a positive influence on our kids to be sure that going in the right direction. Training them up in the way they should go so that when they get older, they will stay on the right path. We all know that is not always the case. Especially if they are around the wrong crowd of people. At least you will know that you taught them right from wrong and the difference between good and bad. They watch everything we do (whether we realize it or not) and they hear what we say. Watching ourselves and keeping ourselves as single parents in check they will see that and know that they are watching us and are learning from us.


Anyone can be a mom and dad, however in my opinion it takes unconditional love, strength, courage, discipline, and a good role model to be a parent. Single parenting requires unconditional love, strength, courage, discipline, and a good role model. As single parents, we must be able to show our kids, unconditional love, due to the fact this cruel world will never give it to them. Strength and courage go hand in hand, and it takes strength to be courageous vice versa it takes courage to have the strength to conquer obstacles that stand in our way. Although, we as parents hate it, discipline is a must. Kids must understand that there are consequences when they do wrong. It starts at home first, as they get older and break the rules/laws there will be consequences that they have to face. In today’s society kids are influenced by music, trending fashions, videogames, you name it. As single parents, we have to be sure we are setting the right example for them. We know that they are always watching us and we as parents are who they look up to first. Being a positive influence is a must while we are raising our kids.

© 2020 Xavieria Zanielle Watson

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