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Simple Techniques I have Used To Remain Calm

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It is what it is. As long as you live for today then yesterday and tomorrow do not matter.

Moving Too Quickly

Sometimes I find myself running around the house trying to do this or that, or whatever because have of the time I forget what I Was even doing. I have all this clutter in my mind, and when there is a lot going on the wires sometimes tend to get crossed.

I am starting to believe that is exactly what has happened... or is happening to me. I feel amazing, and yet there are people looking at me like I am doing something wrong. Either I was making stuff up in my head or I was really seeing the things I was seeing.

No, I was simply observing. They made it seem like I Was crazy. But I was simply observing, I see and hear things and I use that to my advantage. OR to protect me. But anyways... I suppose there are people who are... Let's say not quiet observant.

You know who I am talking about. It is really not that complicated to understand, if you take life one step at a time and go with the flow your life will be so much more fun. I learned a few things from a famous Chinese Philosopher from decades ago. Said to have created the dogma we now understand as Taoism. After skimming across some of this articles I became to understand just how life is supposed to be lived. Or at least enjoyed while living without all this misery and shame.

This famous quote was some in relation to water, basically to be more like water and go with the flow. Given some practice I have thoroughly enjoyed the side effects I have felt from this perspective.

After a couple of weeks making the conscious decision that I was going to shift my path, it has been a bit of a train wreck mixed with sweet relief. I won't be giving you all the details, as they are kind of embarrassing, but you have been in the similar situation at one point in your life. Just think of something embarrassing and you would have the feeling down, I was wondering a little too far into the abyss. I allowed myself to let go, which was liberating but also extremely painful if done correctly. Depending on the situation, you could feel scared or full of confidence, but either way one has to put on a certain mask. Anytime I am in public I am wearing a mask, I never show my true authentic self unless around the right person, or people. That is a good skill to keep because not everyone needs to know everything. Keeping other people out of your business will make things a whole lot easier.

Another beautiful ways to keep it simple is to do just that... just keep it simple. It is life, it is meant to be lived. Enjoyed! You are allowed to enjoy life! As I have allowed myself to face some demons that were shoved away for far too many years.

I came face to face with a couple the other day and looked 'em square in the eye and said, "Alright... let's dance." Most frightening thing I have ever done in my life. But it changed me, and I would do it again. If it could get me to where I am now. Yeah I am in pain almost constantly now. But what is life without a little pain to tell you what is going on.

It has come the time that I should probably utilize that pain into something else. That reminds me of a project I was working on at one point in time, it was a website I built on how to channel your energy. I may get back into that. But if you come across info like that, you should really stop and think about it. Think about what it really means. All energy is convertible, like AC to DC. Your energy doesn't have to just be one way or the other.

That is how I think of it simply. Electricity running through my veins, as it seems and causing static electricity on the output. That slows me down but also fills my lungs with air and my heart start pounding. So think of slowing you heart rate in a similar fashion, breath deep and slow causing you to slow down a little. Or at least it feels that way, if you sit down and realize you have to jump back up after only being seated for like 2 minutes, then you need to try this next technique that I do when it get's that bad.

Yoga seems to be the only thing I have found that really calms my nerves, aside from chemical dependents which I am not mentioning here. Stretching your entire body when you feel anxious can relive almost 90% of the shaky feelings or jitters you may have previously had. Making a tight fist with both hands and holding that for a couple seconds as you inhale a full breath, then releasing your grip slowly as you exhale flexing every muscle in your hands as you can think of them. Do that a couple of times and your hands will feel a lot looser and then just start fiddling with stuff to warm them up. loose hands are the start of a calm mind.

After that, it is time for yoga. Do it anyway you please. This is not a "Yoga How to step by step." Although I could make one if you would like to see it. Just let me know.

Anyways... Go do something. Or nothing. It doesn't matter. It is your life. Life it how you want.

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