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Sherlock Holmes: My Favorite Fictional Character

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A complete collection of Sir Arthur Conan Doyles' stories, featuring the tales of Sherlock Holmes and his buddy, Dr. Watson.

A complete collection of Sir Arthur Conan Doyles' stories, featuring the tales of Sherlock Holmes and his buddy, Dr. Watson.

I had a very late introduction with Sherlock Holmes. It was only in 2007 when my husband gave me Sir Conan Doyle's collection of stories entitled "Complete Sherlock Holmes & Other Detective Stories". Never before had I known that such a character existed. My husband knew that I like action, thriller, spy/detective movies so when I came to India, that was the first book, among other books written by Russian authors, he handed to me to read. From the look of the book, I hesitated. My forehead furrowed. Who wouldn't? The book is over a thousand pages thick and the font is small. But I decided to give it a try anyway.

From the moment my hands got hold of that book and I began reading I couldn't stop. I was hooked. I have gone with Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson in their adventures thrice already!

Who Is Sherlock Holmes?

  • a master detective created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
  • known for his deductive reasoning and use of forensic science skills to solve difficult crime problems/cases that the people of Scotland Yard couldn't.
  • lived in 221b Baker Street, London, England.
  • played the violin well.
  • could live a day without eating and somewhat addicted to cocaine.
  • first appeared in publication in 1887 and featured in 4 novels and 56 short stories.
  • met and became a very good friend of Dr John H. Watson who eventually became his comrade in his adventures.
  • had a brother named Mycroft Holmes who possessed deductive powers more than him but had no interest in going out to prove his deductions.
  • gets bored when there is no work
  • super intelligent and wickedly smart, possessed all knowledge that is helpful to him and his work.
  • not fond of other people, especially women. In fact, he was known to have an interest in only one woman, Irene Adler.
  • Watson described him as bohemian in habits and lifestyle, eccentric, with no regard for contemporary standards of tidiness or good order.
  • had a faithful and loyal landlady, Mrs Hudson.
  • had informants which he called, Baker Street Irregulars.
Dr. John H. Watson and Sherlock Holmes

Dr. John H. Watson and Sherlock Holmes

What I Like About Him

  • He never sees money as his motivation to get work done. The work is the reward itself.
  • He never charges clients who cannot afford his services but charges those who can.
  • He is very clever, brave, and energetic - as long as he is working.
  • He pays attention to small and tiny details which play the most important role in solving his cases.
  • He doesn't bother whether he takes the credit for solving crimes or not.
  • He admits it when he makes mistakes.
  • Although he prefers to be alone most of the times, he also appreciates and enjoys the company of Dr Watson.
  • He listens to both sides of the party and decides whether a man or woman deserves punishment and be put to prison or deserves freedom.

The Four Novels

Sherlock Holmes was featured in four novels. I like all of them. Although The Hound of the Baskervilles is the most popular, it is my fourth.

4. The Hound of the Baskervilles. An entertaining story that would transport you to the world of mystery and suspense. The story is very interesting. The memorable scene here is when Holmes spent his nights in the moors and Watson, observing from afar, thought that he was the man which Holmes sent him to investigate.

3. The Sign of the Four. A complex story that involves mystery, murder and a man with a wooden leg. Another great story and amazing deduction by Holmes. This is memorable because this is where Dr Watson met his love interest, the client of Mr Holmes, Mary Morstan, who eventually became his wife.

2. A Study in Scarlet. A story of lost love, revenge and mystery. This is memorable because this is where Sherlock Holmes and Dr John H. Watson got introduced to each other by a mutual friend. Here we come to know who Sherlock Holmes is. Thanks to Dr Watson's checklist of Holmes's interests and knowledge of subjects in different fields.

1. The Valley of Fear. A thrilling story with a nice twist at the end. This tops the four because of the story and how it is written. Many who read this novel ranked it the last but not to me. What I like in The Valley of Fear is that it unfolds a dangerous secret society with a romance on the side. The enigmatic character of John McMurdo is also very captivating.

More Than 120 Years Later

It's been more than 120 years since Sherlock Holmes captured the hearts and minds of detectives and readers and yet he seems still very much alive. It feels like he still walks among us doing his usual routines. But no! He is just a product of a magnificent imagination by a great writer, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. What is left are his adventures and the modern representations of Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson. In fact, Sherlock Holmes has been reinvented...again! This time, with a female side-kick, Dr Joan Watson.

The following are websites offering various stuff on and about Sherlock Holmes.

  • is a place where you can shop Sherlockian products like Holmes face pin badges, Holmes pipe, magnetic photo frames, etc. It also offers a link where you can buy books featuring Sherlock Holmes.
  • is a public house and restaurant. The main attraction here is a replica of Holmes' and Watson's sitting room and study. This pub is filled with various artefacts and pieces recording the adventures of the great detective which include items like Watson's revolver, original cartoons and stuffed and mounted the head of the Hound of the Baskervilles.
  • invites you to come and visit the world's most famous address where Sherlock Holmes Museum is situated. Tickets are sold on arrival or in advance. But before boarding that plane, first take their quiz here and hit 100% correct answer for you to win a $10 e-cheque which you can use to purchase items in their online shop or you can shop directly at their home shop when you visit London.

A character as famous as Sherlock Holmes, you'll find him everywhere. If you happen to know him, do share your insights here. If not, maybe this is the time to get to know him (if you're interested).

© 2012 Rham Dhel

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