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Family Is Precious.

Mother of two children. I use to be a single parent. Have fought to get where I am today and still growing stronger. Love entertainment.

My Angel who spread her wings.

My daughter, my Angel, and my tutor. I had her when I was very young and still very stupid in life. But I took that challenge and climb high mountains for her with my bare feet to ensure that she had everything she required in life. She made me the grown-up I am today. It was not always easy as I had to work very long hours and the time spent with her was little. The time we did have was spent every second and was worth it. Maybe is did understand that sometimes I could not be there or maybe she did not. My Angel did not have it easy to live for many years as she could not had have all the things the other children had but I tried my best to keep her as happy as I could. Just one day she turned my world upside down. Informing me that she wants to live with her father now. She explained that it is now her father's time to be a parent and he must prove himself. My Angel spread her wings. Time with our children is outmost important because if they are not there under your wing anymore, then time is lost forever.

My stone pillar in life. Christiaan

This man married within 9 months after the second time we met 14 years ago. I was in a tough, abusive relationship that tore my life for 10 years. It took many years to build myself up again afterward. Had to stay strong for my daughter and ensure her that she is safe and her mother will do anything for her and our survival.

Together we have the most beautiful baby son. Hard-throwing stones of life we have conjured together. Suffering and mountains we climb and getting on the other side made us so much stronger. With clear thinking caps on, we can now tackle many obstacles coming our way. As for so many constant family problems and fights we had and still endure, I think we can all ourselves 'superheros'. We support, trust and respect each other on high levels. Communication is a very important aspect of any relationship or marriage. Always remember that one is not more right than the other. Do not provoke a fight on little things that could have been avoided.

Not always easy to gain but it can be achieved. Just listen to each other calmly and then take baby steps in solving your issues. I do believe in making peace before going to bed as you do not want to wake up and regret unforgettable mistakes that could have been solved. Love your partner unconditionally and you will get it back the same way.


Baby Elijah

Oh, this precious child of mine. Born in Covid-19 time with no pain substance just me and the Gynecologist. The purely natural way. I think a few of us can relate to covid-19 and the monsters we had to endure.

Had to quit my job as a Basic Pharmacist Assistant to stay home and be safe while pregnant. The company I use to work for the not want to give me a license to work from home. So I had to make a difficult decision. That was another battle to fight as I had put in 6 years of hard learning and work to achieve my goals and put food on the table for my daughter back then before I got Married. But the choice I made has brought me to this. Writing.

The boy by name explains everything about him. How he keeps me strong, motivated. I have been locked in my four walls to protect him and myself. For two years now. While I was pregnant and when he could not have seen the world out there. The beautiful structure that God has built for us. The struggles were real. Keeping my mental state intact and having to keep me positive. Not seeing civilization for a few months to a year has the guts to stay home and help your child develop and be safe. Even till today I still struggle to go out in public places as it feels I am smoutherd. I am doing it now slowly and safely to show my son that the world out there is big. Scary but so much to learn. But I have learned a lot and emotionally I grew stronger and stronger I will get.


My aim is to become a successful writer. Has been my passion since a was a teenager, just never got the chance to prove myself. That was taken from me a child who was exploring the paths for unwritten words. I believe and know that every word spoken and written down has a special meaning. Deep down everyone's emotions that they are going through are words that can heal and teach. Words are made or broken. But I believe that they must make you dream and heal insight. Give inspiration and knowledge to those you seek for it. Pen and ink have never failed a good heart in writing what the soul wants to tell you. A creative, willing full mind can accomplish so much once the hand has the pen and the pen starts to roll over the paper and the paper become your life. Words can never run out. Amazing that the alphabet only has got 25 letters but they can change to unlimited words on words and beautiful created words. I know that it will take time and patience but I know that I can also grow my words to be a successful writer and author. As well as doing this I gain so much more to teach my children of all the exciting things and place that is out there to yet be discovered.

Parenting is not easy but it is a joy in life. Not just teaching your children but for yourself. It was not easy for me as a single parent but the Lord has given me so much more back than what I have asked for. Al struggles and all tears with long big prayers have me on my two feet. Amazing what life and your children can teach you. I have lost and have gained.

© 2021 Natalia Judith Zwarts

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