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Science Fiction Values

I love science fiction and exploring all the wonderful aspects to what makes us human.

Science Fiction Themes

Themes in Science Fiction Literature

Science fiction authors all attempt to explore questions, such as why things are like they are and what to do about them.

Science fiction is imaginative literature. The art of science fiction is writing about wonders that may or may not exist. With this in mind, authors and readers alike are permitted to dream up new things because they see something they have never seen before. It also offers a myriad of materials for fantasy and adventure stories.

Humans in Space

This is the theme most people think of first. Humans in space are perhaps the single most popular topic of science fiction literature. In science fiction, humans must solve problems as they arise or risk extinction. No problem is too big, or too small. People in space could help solve problems on Earth or even save the planet.

Therefore, the theme of “Humans in Space” is often presented in fictional novels as a moral problem. People in space must surely be one of the most reckless species in existence. Humans cannot live outside the Earth without making irrational decisions and forgetting about the environment. They must leave a piece of the world that they love behind.

Science Fiction with Monsters

Science fiction writers love monsters. There is always the chance these creatures could be real, or they may just be allegories. Aliens are often part of this subgenre.

A creature is only a monster if it is represented realistically. If a monster does not exist in real life, it can just be imagined. Monsters can represent social or mental problems. If monsters are not faced, then how can the problem be solved? Monsters can also symbolize how we treat one another. Sometimes, people can be monsters. People can be cruel. Sometimes people are cruel to one another.

Critical questions are raised from these issues: If all of us are monsters, then the question becomes, how do we resolve this problem? Is it okay to harm one another? How can we treat one another kindly?

Science Fiction with Wonder

Wonder is also one of the key themes of science fiction literature. Wonder is an event that is fantastic and unbelievable. Sometimes, wonder can be an object or an improbable event. Wonder can be anything, from the existence of a species of animal to the presence of a superpowered human.

Sometimes a wonder is a huge event that is not possible. It is hard for someone to find someone who has not read about a wonder or witnessed one themselves. Sometimes a wonder can be the creation of a new superweapon.

Science fiction depends on lore; that is, at least in theory are, a possibility in reality. Impossible things are not described, even if they might be a possibility. Sometimes, wonder is not an object. It may be a new invention or new behaviour. Wonder is more about behaviours rather than objects.

Thoughts on Reading and Writing Science Fiction:

  • Science fiction as literature gives us a new landscape to imagine. It gives us new ways to explore humanity and new ideas for how to look at the world.

  • If you want to write science fiction, this is the way you write it. Be sure to experiment with your genre, and aim for the highest level of art. All fantasy and science fiction deserve a high level of art and wonder.

  • As a reader, you do not read just to gain information about the world or science facts. You read to gain an emotional connection to the characters. You also do not read just to find out the facts of science. You read to understand the world.

  • Science fiction helps you look at not only the world around you but also the deepest parts of yourself.

  • Science fiction gives you a window into a future you might never live in but one that may come to be a reality.

  • Reading sci-fi is one of the most enjoyable and enriching ways to improve your life.

  • All fictional works are about creating something. And all art is about telling a story about the beauty of humanity.

  • The more we understand the archetypes, the more we can see the complex truth of our existence.

  • Some people will write a story that says nothing and has no point. This is fine, but it should not be the only story we write. Others may write a science fiction story with a profound point; it tells humanity. There are also very entertaining tales that tell a good yarn.

  • Like all other fiction: Above all else, always read, write, and tell stories with purpose.

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