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Science Fiction: Books VS Movies

I love science fiction and exploring all the wonderful aspects to what makes us human.

Science Fiction Movies VS Literature

The difference between science fiction as a movie compared to reading sci-fi literature can be distilled into the following ways.

Movies are for the visual and audio senses. They provide the audience with the broadest scope of understanding. An idea in a book will have a more detailed interpretation from the wording itself. Therefore, only those with knowledge of literary terms would interpret the story and relate it to their lives. However, unlike a book, a movie provides several scenarios. It allows viewers to react in different ways.

A novel, on the other hand, is more complicated and engaging. It provides context and depth for the overall narrative based on the author's intentions. A writer or director would be able to put things in a broader context. Thus, it provides readers with an expanded understanding.

Science fiction is a unique genre. Compared to a novel or an article, it needs immediate understanding and interpretation. Most literary writers use quotes to provide more profound meaning and establish an atmosphere, making it more mysterious and harder to understand for the reader. While science fiction authors use quotes in their works, the quotes are mainly used for style and background and not for deeper meaning.

Reading is the starting point for furthering knowledge. Reading enhances comprehension and enjoyment of a story. There is also something very different in how the reader thinks, compared to how the author thinks. The book author usually writes about what they understand and relate to, not about things that they do not understand or are not interested in. On the other hand, a movie helps readers think about things they do not understand and relate them to their lives.

Literature can help the reader to understand a deeper meaning in a short time. Many people have started reading science fiction since it relates to their interests. A genre like science fiction can help one to enjoy science without the pressure of being perfect. It allows the reader to think and ponder with curiosity. Reading a science fiction book enable the reader to dream and be curious.

Science Fiction Movie Storytelling

Movies can only adapt a story from literature. With the medium's technical restrictions, expanding a book's meaning into a film is challenging. If a movie only adapts a story from a book, it will be completely cut off from its literary origins.

There is a universe of differences between both genres. In my opinion, science fiction movies are meant to teach us about our present world. Instead of imparting knowledge about history or literature, science fiction movies help develop a scientific approach for our planet. Literature is meant to enlighten us about our everyday lives. Science fiction movies teach us how the world works. Literature does not.

Thinking about it from a different perspective, there are no two ways about it. Books are not meant to be replicated in movies, and vice versa. However, there are certain instances where books can be used as inspirations for a film. After all, a book can teach us more than movies can. It can explain different actions, scenes, and set-ups more in-depth. It can answer much more questions. It has much more sophisticated elements.

I am an avid reader of both literature and science fiction with all of the above said. I have learned so much from both of them. Yet, as far as art is concerned, I think books will always be superior to movies. That is why I spend much more time reading books than watching movies.

As I have said, science fiction movies are more than movies. They are literary forms that take readers beyond this world's scope. Science fiction books make you understand that our world, too, can be a realm of wonders. A book can offer you a broader understanding of a novel. Sometimes, even a science fiction movie or novel can do that, but it does not compare to a literary text.

Only a book can expand your worldview. One does not come anywhere close to what a literary text can provide. If literature works, it has the power to reach an unlimited audience. As a consequence, it creates a whole new world within us.

The next time you watch a sci-fi movie, I would not be surprised if you relate it to the literary world. The next time you read a literary novel, I would not be surprised if you are amazed. A good novel has an extensive story that makes you think about the world in a different way. Some books have rich narratives, creating a more exciting and engaging world. Other texts are sometimes very dense and complicated, with much meaning and detail in a single text.

If you have a passion for reading and reading a wide range of books, then I am sure you can relate to the conclusion that there is no comparison between literature and science fiction movies. But if you have an affinity for literature and are reading science fiction as well, you are more likely to get more out of the reading experience.

Now that you know that a movie can never really beat a book, it is easier for you to decide which is your favourite form of entertainment. It is not about learning anything from the movies. It is about enjoying reading and thinking about literature differently.

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