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Sand, Sorry For Walking All Over You

Kenneth Avery is a Southern humorist with well over a thousand fans. The charm and wit in his writing span a nearly a decade.

Look at how we have used sand without asking it.

Look at how we have used sand without asking it.

Okay. Alright. Enough is enough. I cannot stand it any longer. I guess that some had better wake-up, and make-up for taking the ordinary grains of sand for granted. I confess. I've commited this sin of omission for 67 years. Either jail me, yell at me, and I will be fine, but if you choose to sue me, you will not get one thin dime. Now you can offer your sympathy.

In the Bible, the Book of Genesis teaches us that God created all things and without Him nothing was created. This lesson also comes from the fourth book of the Four Gospels, John, in the first chapter, God made everything and without Him nothing was made. Pretty clear. No debate. If you want to show-out and call me a fool for believing this, then I am a fool. I am not going to argue. No sense in it. I might as well use the idiom, "stick my head in the sand," if you want to hunt me down and beat me up. Go ahead. I will still believe what I have written until my last day of life.

Did you catch the idiom, "catch my head in the sand?" It is an international saying that applies to people who refuse to face a problem or serious decision. The part of the idiom, 'sand,' is the ast word and without it, no sense can be made of it. Now go ahead and say that sand is just somethig underneath our feet!

Even this poor turtle does not know how to talk to sand.

Even this poor turtle does not know how to talk to sand.

Personally, I have a love-hate relationship with sand. I formerly loved to build things in sand when I was eight. But I was 18, those days went south. Well, not entirely. I have written my initials on the beaches that counted. Just ask my lovely wife, Pam. But ask her softly because she hates for me to use her name in these hubs, but I only use her in a good light. And sure, I put our initials on trees, sand, and a few big rocks near our county lake. And not one individual has ever called me to tell me how silly that action was. That was (going on) 46 years ago.

Did you see me make such a mistake? I am supposed to be writing an essay about sand, not about our marriage anniversary and our initials. Incidentally, thanks for your kind remarks.

By the way, have you ever took quality time, maybe a day out of your hectic day, to just observe sand and all of its glory? Well, I do appreciate your honesty. Time was in a younger day, I remember building sand mounds in our backyard simply because the rental place did not have grass. This is no joke. Dad didn't mind since he was the one who kept our yards mowed.

I would play with the sand because I didn't have that many toys, but I made it okay. My "structures" were sand piles which I would build-up so high, then get a ways from the pile and run as fast as I could and jump into the mound. It was more fun than I can describe. But mom was angry when she called for bath time. That meant get the sand out of the cuffs out of my jeans. She could't stand it.

Proof that lovers use sand for a piece of paper to write their names.

Proof that lovers use sand for a piece of paper to write their names.

Sand has been around us for eons of time. And have we said 'thank you,' the first time? No. I take the responsibility for not saying it myself. I plan on giving the sand more of my time and tell it how much I appreciate it. You know something? There are some folks in our wide and prosperous society who think that sand is a living thing? It's true. And what do we do for this living sand? Nothing! We humans should be taken-out and thrashed with limbs from an oak tree.

If I were sand, my feelings would be hurt. And I mean hurt to the bone. It's not like the hurt as it pertains to us humans, no. A hurt in the eyes of sand is deeper and harder for it to come back for such a harsh attitude.

Take the American icon, Pat Boone for instance. He scored a huge hit song with the title, Love Letters in the Sand," and the song while sad, grows on a person. And what about those hoodlums who lie in the sand holding hands and gazing into each other's eyes. These folks are in love. Then to insult sand with an awful gesture, these love birds when they finally get up on their feet, resort to writing their names in the sand--without asking for permission. We used to have a respectful society.
And stop treating our good friend, sand, like it was dirt.

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