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Sadly, Laziness Has Been Misunderstood For Too Long

Kenneth is a rural citizen of Hamilton, Ala., and has begun to observe life and certain things and people helping him to write about them.

Not lazy, just some deep thinking.

Not lazy, just some deep thinking.

I Despise Being The One

to hand you this piece of dark news, I had no choice. There were no celebrities in town and the local TV and radio outlets were all busy with football news. And our local newspaper only laughed in my face when I tried to tell them what a feature story this would be. Yeah. And you ain't no Bill Gates either.

Let me clean the slate here. It's not easy for someone like me to approach people and own up to a dark myth that I have been a part of for years, but here I go. Friends, for many years, I was the one who always stood in the crowd and called the elderly men who sat on the bus bench every day as "lazy." Yes. I did say this ugly word and I know now that I was wrong. I was so bad that I would walk toward these men who were mostly drowsing and point at them and tell the crowd, hey look! It's laaziness monster! And laugh like a horse swallowing bitter weed.

No more. I have found that for us, including me, to grow as human beings, we must be honest with each other and face whtaever lie or myth that we have lived in for so long. In a way, calling people lazy when they are not, is very reckless of me. I should have been arrested. But one day I looked on the same bus bench and there sat a poilce officer and I knew in my heart that it would not be wise for me to stroll up to the officer and tell him the near-tragic story about me calling old men lazy.

Worried That You Are Not Lazy?

There Was a Time When

I was at the tender age of seven and early on I began watching several of the older male family members who much rather sit, sip coffee, and talk rather than eat. Did you get that? Eat? Right. I knew a few guys who would let a hot dinner of fried chicken, gravy and biscuits and mashed potatoes get cold while the men told jokes and stories to each other and the rest of the family enjoyed a fine dinner.
But instead of jumping near the table of food and enjoy myself, I was captivated by the older men who was referred to as lazy and not having a desire to get up and eat. I can't believe that I am saying this. But in the months to come, I learned so much about lazy and laziness that I was educated early before laziness became a non-productive event. Some more educated social sects declared that laziness was near being more of a disease than a non-productive area of life. Oh, if they only knew what I did.

Ladies and gentlemen, laziness is not something that comes upon people like the plague. Laziness is not a popular party idea that draws flies like spilled sardine oils. No. Laziness is a silent mild, silent habit that affects thousands of people arund the regions of the United Sates. Now I suppose that there are lazy people around the world, but I do not know of any. Just the United Staes.

Let Us Take a Closer Look

at laziness and see if we can arrive at a sensible reason why laziness is affectng our society like thorns in the side of wholesome, hard-working folks. I mean if we cannot figure this out, we might as well form a group and head to Washington and have an audience with the president. Then maybe we can get the handle on this laziness thing to give us more satisfaction and understanding.
Laziness is Not a Crime - and those who have been scolded, bum rushed, and yelled at to move along, Mac, should be re-educated on how to judge correctly who is responsible for what the citizenry does and does not do. If we free Americans are to jail all of the lazy people then the jails will not hold everyone and then what a burden our nation's economy will be at rock bottom. So now we can understand why laziness is not a real crime.

If it were a crime, then would be penalize the lazy wrong-does force them to get a job and stand a guard on them while they work rather than send them to the other form of punishment No society has ever sent a lazy person to the electric chair.

Laziness is Not a Sign -- of being mentally-challenged. No. laziness is more like the matter of the mind and behavior. "If the job can wait until next week, then that will be fine," is probably heard ranging through American around the clock. And not just the teenage crowd are the ones who say this. The older nd much older adults are as prone to falling prey to this plight than you might think. Do not make a mistake. Laziness is a misunderstood thought process that beckons for more studying than we have now.

People Should Not Grow Angry -- at someone whom they think only looks lazy. This is probably the most probable thing that causes many innocent people to get angry when they encounter a person who is not lazy at all, just "looking" as if they were lazy. You see? A man or woman who has a lot on their minds surely should just sit down and think things over and thereby arrive at a sensible solution. Speaking only from me, this situation presents itself as a sensible person who is wise enough to just sit down, ratrher than run to everyone to get an answer to their problems.

How Then Should The Convicted -- allegedly lazy people be punished? Right off, even the expense of a court with judge, prosecutor, defense attorney jury, and baliff will cost the township, county, township and state tons of cash. And if only one case of laziness should go for a long period of time, the traal will cost the area more than the authorities can be responsible for the settlement of the bills.

Should the convicted lazy persons be put before a firing squad? Hunain in the public? life in prison? Certainly not. Then how? You can see at no mater the avenue of finding justice, it all comes down to money, plain and true.

The Pill That is Too Bitter

to swallow about laziness and lazy people is that we, the sensitive society of this nation, should strive to sow mercy and sympathy for the naturally-lazy people who are already facing such a daily trial as that of just sitting around depending of what people can give them or just being turned-down from numerous personnel people in businesses who could give them a job.

it's a job no matter how you slice it. Too bad that lazy people do not draw a paycheck!
October 22, 2020__________________________________________

Laziness is no respecter of persons.

Laziness is no respecter of persons.

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