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Sad Lines

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Is there a line that I could write....

"Is there a line that I could write; sad enough to make you cry?"

If, like me, you're a big Gin Blossoms fan, then you'll immediately recognize the line above from one of their biggest hits, Found Out About You (1992) Written by founder and lead guitarist, Doug Hopkins (who later committed suicide), the song talks about a scorned lover (actually, Doug himself!) who "found out" his girlfriend had been cheating on him.

As it so often happens, I was walking around a home improvement store with my husband recently, when this song came on over the store speakers. To anyone else, it would have been typical buzz-saw background Muzak heard in grocery stores and shopping malls, but my keen, pop-music-sensitive ears instantly perked up when I heard it, even stopping me in my tracks to sing a few lines to myself while dear hubby was mindlessly checking out rakes and shovels.

And while I've always loved the song, that one line has haunted me ever since the first time I heard it. Is there a line that I could write, sad enough to make you cry? For a writer, its almost a hidden challenge - to write a line SO SAD, it makes the reader cry.

In the song, Found Out About You, I think this particular line is referring to the scorned lover being able to write a line so sad, that it makes his girlfriend feel remorse for leaving him, and realize how much she really wants him back. If he can just appeal to her deepest emotions, then maybe she would have pity on him, and return to him. Of course that's just MY interpretation of it. In actuality, the author, Doug Hopkins WAS battling a bad breakup with a girl at the time he wrote this song, along with other mental and psychological issues, as well as alcohol abuse, which eventually caused him to tragically take his own life. Sad story. Sad lines. Ironically, it made for a number one hit for the Gin Blossoms, though Hopkins wasn't around to enjoy the accolades.

In Memoriam of Doug Hopkins

Found Out About You - Gin Blossom

Anyway, that one haunting line keeps reverberating in my head like a steel drum, every time I hear that song, egging me on to come up with the saddest one liner anyone's ever heard. Not exactly a "happy challenge", is it? Still, writers need to twist and contort their writing muscles in different ways every now and then to keep them strong, creative, and in shape. So I'm taking on this challenge like a hard core gym rat, who spends an extra hour on the cardio machine getting their "ugly face" on! No pain, no gain, right? Oh and there's one other tricky caveat to this challenge: I try to be an upbeat, happy, positive sort of person MOST of the time, so it's not really my "style" to write about negative or sad things. I'm usually the Lifetime movie, "happily ever after" kind of writer, so writing ANYTHING sad - even if is IS just a "one-liner", goes against my "happy ending" grain! (If only I could write a happy ending to MY life!)


Join the Challenge!

If "misery loves company", then this is the PERFECT challenge for ALL writers! Together, let's see WHO can create the SADDEST one-liner ever written! Here are the rules:

  • You only get ONE shot - make it your BEST!
  • It HAS to be a ONE-LINER, and be ORIGINAL.
  • You CAN'T use the word "SAD"(or any form of it) in your one-liner.
  • NO graphic, gory, or distasteful lines, PLEASE!
  • It has to stir the soul, and YES, make the reader cry!

C'mon - join the challenge and make me CRY! :(


My Saddest Line

Okay, I guess since this is MY cheerless contest, its only fair I should start, so here's my saddest one-liner:

"Mistakes never have happy endings."

Now it's YOUR turn - post your saddest one-liner in the comments below!

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