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Romany Wagons Should They Be Used by the General Public?

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Romany culture is close to my heart. With 40 years of marriage to an amazing Gypsy man, I find their culture fascinating.

Romany Wagons Vardo's Gypsy Wagons Holiday Vacations

Romany Wagons Vardo's Gypsy Wagons Holiday Vacations

Romany Respect

Okay, now I don't usually jump on the cultural bandwagon, but after a long conversation the other day with one of my Romany relatives, it got me thinking.

He told me that he had just experienced racism when he parked up in his modern caravan just outside a nearby town.

If Romany people still used Vardo's, would it have happened? Back in the day, Romany Gypsies were welcomed in towns and villages and were seen as exotic and exciting.

They sold their wares which included pegs, baskets, flowers, etc.

As you can see from the photos below, they were welcomed with open arms.

But then something happened.

Romany gypsies are the most maligned culture in the world. Every other nation or culture has rules and regulations to stop racism, bullying, and appropriation.

But for some reason, Romany Gypsies have been overlooked.

It seems strange to me that one of the cleanest, most friendly, cultures you can ever meet is so misunderstood.

I married a Romany, so yes I suppose I am biased.

But it drives me insane when non-gypsies insult them, get them kicked out of public grounds, and insist that Romany gypsies are not like them.

In fact, Irish travelers have their own traditions. As do Romany gypsies.

They do have one thing in common.

The Vardo. Or should I say, wagon or caravan?

There's an old saying:

When carts were replaced by cars, the world cheered.

But when gypsy wagons were replaced with modern caravans, the world turned away from them.

Strange how psychology can damage a reputation.


When carts were replaced by cars, the world cheered.

When Gypsy Wagons were replaced with modern caravans,

the world turned away.

Hop Picking Kent

Hop picking Kent

Hop picking Kent

Gypsy children picking Hops

Gypsy children picking Hops

A Romany man resting after a hard days work

A Romany man resting after a hard days work

The Silk Road

Getting back to the main point, why are gorgi's (non-gypsies) so quick to jump on the bandwagon, or in this case the gypsy wagon, when they hate the culture so much?

I believe hypocrisy is the answer to that one.

Let's talk about Cultural appropriation.

(God, I hate that saying!)

I find those words, cultural appropriation, usually stated in a snotty, arrogant way, so annoying that I could easily slap someone.

If you haven't heard the quote, basically it's this.


One culture may accuse you of using their hairstyles, clothes, etc. But they walk around with a cell phone, use a car, train, Internet, and so on, which was invented by white Europeans or Americans.

So yes, hypocrisy.

The stupid thing is, We have traded with other countries for thousands of years.

The world was made by Trade. So their idea of appropriation is actually Trade!

The Silk Road for example. China, India, the Arab countries, and Europe. All trading cloth, food, trinkets, language, and ideas.

It seems to me that only this latest generation are the ones coming out with this rubbish.

Occasionally they may have a point. But only on the important things.

The far-left has a lot to answer for! Brainwashing children into believing that separatism is fine. Separatism, of course, has an even darker meaning.

The Silk Road



Cultural Appropriation

Non Gypsy with Holiday Vardo

Holiday Gypsy Vardo caravans wagons

Holiday Gypsy Vardo caravans wagons

Surely Just Common Decency?

The fact is when someone insists that you cannot use/wear/listen to 'our' culture they do not realize that they are actually condoning Apartheid.

yes, you heard me!

In South Africa around 80 years ago, there came a new law stating that black, white, and Asian people should 'Keep to their own culture' as it will benefit all.

Unfortunately, we know how that turned out.

It seems to me that people are being brainwashed into believing that once again, it is a good idea!

So why, if I hate Cultural Appropriation so much, why am I getting on my high horse, or (gypsy vanner) about Romany Vardo caravans?

Well, let's look at the hypocrisy.

Romany Gypsies, are seeing their culture being torn to pieces bit by bit.

  • People are speaking their language.
  • Holiday firms are capitalizing on the horse-drawn vardo for everybody.
  • Their yearly work in the fields picking fruit or hops has been taken over by cheap foreign workers.
  • The romantic idea of a horse-drawn wagon selling pegs, baskets, and copper goods has been scorned because they drive a new modern caravan.
  • Yet much more importantly, Gypsies are constantly being harassed, and racially insulted!

So where does it end?

Back in the 70's and 80's when I was growing up and hitting the bars and pubs, we mixed with everybody. All equal, all working. All cultures. But of course, we didn't have the Internet to hide behind, like people do these days.

But let's get back to the main question:

Should we use Romany Gypsy Vardo's for our own enjoyment, while at the same time racially abusing them?

Every time I see holidaymakers clip-clopping along in a Vardo intended only for Romany and Irish Traveler culture, it tends to leave an icky feeling.

And the word is, yes, Hypocrisy.

In plain English, cultural appropriation accusations are thrown around so much, that when the real gem shines in the middle it gets lost in the muck.

Yes in this case it is Cultural Appropriation!

If people learned to respect the Romany Culture with its colorful music, language, skills and so on, then fine, take a vacation in a vardo.

Until then, stop and think before you book that holiday.

So I throw the question over to you.

What do you think?

Romany Gypsy Rights.

Be Kind

At the end of the day, just be kind.

Either we all share the rich cultures from all corners of the world, or we do the opposite and keep each and everyone close to our chests.

I think a balance between common sense and politeness is the way to go.

If someone doesn't genuinely like another culture wearing or using their cultural things, then respect them. But point out that it was done with love.

I personally love the sharing. But it has to be fair.

Two main facts stand out for me:

  • Never ever racially abuse anyone.
  • Give with love, share with a smile, and do not bow to hypocrisy.

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