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Life is a Rocky road


Her life background

She is a simple woman raised by a simple family. She is a woman who wanted to help her family. She is brave enough, despite the difficulties and trials of life. She smiles, she laughs, and she stands by herself when she falls. She is an independent woman who travels alone on the rocky road of life.

Junariza is her name. Her father is a farmer, while her mother is a housewife. When she was a child, her mother brought her into the care of her auntie due to financial problems that her mother and father couldn't provide for.

She grew up as a good child. She doesn't feel that she is just an adopted child, for her second parent treated her well as their true child. However, her biological parents took her back when she was 8 years old.

A rocky road began

When she was in high school, she already experienced the things that a child should not experience. Her life is tough and challenging, both financially and emotionally. Due to a lack of finances, she was selling any affordable foods such as banana cue, lumpia, and etc. She didn't have any of the things her friends had. Sometimes, she feels insecure; she compares the life she has to others'.

As she reached college, her life did not change. Her parents can't support her to go to college due to a lack of financial resources. Because of her determination to finish her studies, she decided to work while studying.

She studies during the day and works at night. It was hard for her to do both. Oftentimes, her tears fall, and she thinks to give up.

Her trials in life

First, it was her final exam when she was a first-year college student. She heard bad news. During that time, she is preparing to go to school, but there's one thing stopping her from going. Her sister called her and said, "Our big brother got into an accident, and he is at the hospital now!"

After hearing that news, she chose her brother over the exam. She immediately went to the hospital, where his big brother was. Unfortunately, her brother was in critical condition, and after days, he's dead.

It seems like a disaster for her.

Second, she lost her job and can't find any work to apply for. So, she decided to go home and could still see how poor they are. She was thinking about whether she would pursue her studies or not. If she pursues it, she will be a burden to her parents. So she decided to stop studying and chose to seek jobs again.

Third, she went back to school. It was her final exam again when she was in third-year level and her grandmother died. Her grandmother is so close to her heart, and she's crying while taking an exam. She got to the point that she doubted God's power. She kept on questioning why her life was full of unluckiness.

Fourth, she was graduating this time and received bad news that really sapped her strength: her mother died. The feeling she had at that time was an indescribable emptiness and loneliness. She doesn't want to eat, she doesn't want to talk, and she can't smile.

It was a traumatic experience for her. She will graduate without her mother's presence. But she makes it her inspiration to graduate. She brought herself to God and left all her worries to Him.

Yes, she graduated but didn't experience a march and get on stage to get her diploma because of the COVID-19 pandemic. She felt depressed because it felt like she had lost. She can't reward herself for being independent in life and having the determination to finish her studies by herself.

Despite those trials, obstacles, and circumstances, she kept her faith in God and entrusted everything to Him. She chose to give her rocky road to God, and God gave her clarity, a new direction, and strength.


Life Lesson

Even though Junariza has traveled a rocky road in life, she doesn't give up; rather, she frees herself from the burden, for she knows that others' roads are rockier than hers. She learned that the more she trusts God, the lighter her burden will be, and her road will be easier traveled. She will soon be on the road to smiling.

She said, "Rather than worrying about your situation, talk to God about it."

Junariza concluded that when we do turn to God with our pains and problems that life has brought, He will give us the courage to continue our travels down life’s roads.

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