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Restless Love and Patience

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Love is an uncontrollable emotion. When it happens, a person is not aware of it, even if love has already talked about it. An example of this is cancer, which is like a disease that makes a person aware of it many times. It is giving proof that waves of excitement have arisen in you.

Today's love is very different from yesterday's love, as in today's love phrases like crush and liking were born, and among those buried are love and love.


I believe that even today, people bring love to the fore, but love has become an orphan, whatever its heritage was, it exists in the form of dust in the soil.

Ishq is the level of attachment to the beloved that not everyone reaches and today's generation which is leading its downfall has given it the name of spending time.


Today's love affairs are among those that start one night and end the next night. In the same crowd, there are some true and faithful people who have glimpses of being heirs of love. They show so much intensity in their love that they do not make stories like Laila and Magna on the separation of their beloved. One special thing about them is that they drink the bitter poison of farewell with prayers without any resentment. They go knowing that in the coming times the vomiting of blood will make them sleep in the embrace of death.

I waited for you for a long time
Finally, I took sleeping pills

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