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Respecting Boundaries

This picture speaks aloud about boundary, it is as if the bird is taking a stand towards ascertaining what respecting boundaries truly looks like. The nature of a bird this size would be to fly, yet, it is grounded and no one is there to resist its presence in doing so, but someone taking a picture. Imagine if more time was spent taking pictures of nature, and being engaged with what allows the mind to wonder and ponder towards the Creator and creation, and where did this bird come from, and not where do other people unlike oneself come from and what they are doing here, because inquiring minds want to know. The boundary set is Creation and Formation, which one do you believe came first? Respect for the boundary says very little about first or last in this instance, but, it does infer that keeping priorities in the right order is honorable.


Romans 12:9-21 King James Version (KJV) 9 Let love be without dissimulation. Abhor that which is evil; cleave to that which is good. 10 Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another;

Dissimulation - concealment of one's thoughts, feelings, or character; pretense by hiding: A setting of a boundary which only self really knows and understands because there is privacy of being that is not shared or spared. Permissive or consensual dialogue is the only avenue to use not to trespass, but rather to respect boundaries which silence and quietness advocate. When you tell someone you love them, do you expect them to say it back? Love without dissimulation means you don't hold back, thoughts, or feelings. What about when you do, is there a barrier or boundary set? Learning to respect boundaries is a key component in loving.

I must admit that differentiating between not volunteering information about myself and concealing information is a slippery slope for conscience to explain via communication. Isn't ignoring boundaries the reason there is now a plea worldwide for social distancing. On the main stage of life we get to experience what it looks like from both sides, how not respecting boundaries is a trespass. How to respond is the challenge. All have fallen short of this principle of respect at one time or another, consciously and unconsciously. I find the only solution is to begin correct preceding, because the past ones can not be fixed, Repentance is the solution because it changes the mind and infers correction going forward.

Today I would like to ask a question, how does it make you feel when someone does not respect boundaries you have established? Uneasy. The thing about boundary is the line of demarcation is concealed until someone violates it. It is not a conscious act, but I am a optimistic being who gives the benefit of allowing one to be who they are, and to be approachable if the need be.

Respect for boundaries is the key to apply practically as the assistant in minimizing the ability to trespass against or for the sake of another. When dealing with self establishing boundaries and keeping them is probably easy. However, looking both ways or maintaining a panoramic view is a little harder in order to honestly determine whether I am respecting boundaries, and that my own are being respected as well.

There are boundaries set up in the framework of the big picture which are always dependent upon principles that advise the form we use of how to operate. Unlike the computer, we need to understand our engineered, programmed and operational life work in and through the body that we occupy. Sciences afford the opportunities to research, but even science can go too far, and not be enabled to correct the paved path to respect for boundaries.

Mistakes and errors were not manifested to be hidden, but exposed, marking them for whatever corrections can still be made going forward providing correction is the only option. Am I the resident and is the body the residence where I abide. Breath is the only thing that truly is obedient to purpose. Breathing is so natural that it can be taken for granted that it is happening every second of the day and night. Who can tell the beginning and end of breath which it cannot create, except by measures using death and life as the premise for start and finish. Does breath merely end at death and start at birth? Boundaries dictate not to go beyond death. Life is still an unsolved mystery, and it is an enigma.

Trespasses are how boundaries are violated. Without repentance I will never understand forgiving a trespasser that doesn't respect verbal or written guidelines for successful living. In fact, I am still struggling in this endeavor. To forgive a trespasser enables them to trespass again and again, if they are not repentant. Repentance came first with the new covenant. The New Testament opens with it, John the Baptist was the forerunner. Redemption was the expectation of the chosen people, but redemption came with a price (bloodshed). Either it was just another blood sacrifice with the blood of a man, and not an animal or it is what true redemption entails, with repentance being the first work to obtain and understand the criteria for salvation in full.

This was already glimpsed at in the Old Testament. Abel killed an animal and Cain killed him, it is a type of what salvation looks like today. I understand why Jesus Christ could say it is finished! Anyone desiring the old could have it, those who wanted the new would have it, but not without examining themselves first and foremost for the quality of repentance which never does escape judging oneself and not leaving that for God or others to do.

A trespass ignored can only produce a transgression against boundaries which law (principles, counsels, structure and standards) represent. Using people to represent a standard is wrong. When they fail, the law doesn't fail they do from observing and keeping it. Unrepentant and unreproved flesh is anti-law, the hibernation place where iniquities to hide out. King David declared it this way in Psalm 51:5-6,

Behold, I was shapen in iniquity; and in sin did my mother conceive me. Behold, thou desirest truth in the inward parts: and in the hidden part thou shalt make me to know wisdom.

What is an iniquity, Webster's dictionary defines it as (a) gross injustice, wickedness. The Strong's Concordance translation of the word in Psalm 51:5 in Hebrew the definition is perversity, make crooked, and to do wrong. The testimony the King offers is while he was inside of his mother, he was being shapen (formed) in iniquity and in that sin was he conceived. It brings to light, Numbers 32:23 says, “Be sure your sin will find you out” (KJV), Who was it that admittedly realized their sin, it was King David. The mystery of iniquity is not for others to find out and know your sin, but that you come into the knowledge of the truth and repent. Truth in the inward parts, is only what one can give to self by the power of repentant reproof.

What is Law? Why is adherence to it a fear of it? If one breaks the commandment, that law is the judge of their action, the only response that can ease is repentance, it is the best way to let God know that you acknowledge that you are wrong and that you repent to be empowered to correct you path. The way of a sinner is a psycho-path. It is a path full of resolved and unresolved soulish and spiritual issues. Mainly the soul because it contributes to the disease or health regarding the condition of the mind. Simply because judgment will be forthcoming regarding an issue performed. Per form is only committed per individual. Why is law not present before committing a wrong? Judgment and condemnation after a committed sin, trespass, transgression or iniquity is vanity. Judgment is needed simultaneous to the occurrence, or it is not as effectual after, but to grieve or be sorrowful for something that has occurred and cannot be corrected, but a mind change is possible going or moving forward.

1 Corinthians 11:31 tells me, For if we would judge ourselves, we should not be judged.

How true do I believe this verse is? Why let someone else have to judge me, if I can do it myself, and promote peace. It is only when I can't or don't judge myself that somber chords are replayed on the stage of my mind which require a response. Sin will find me out, and after it does, when I fail to judge myself, sin is a talebearer, a gossiper, it will spread the transgression abroad, the question would be, is it true what sin has unveiled? When it is true what should I reach for, some perfume to cover a stench or some spiritual and soul cleansing. Repentance is a cleanser, it is the main ingredient or (principle) of the sanctification process. Repentance is a practical application, per form, one must be at least aware of what will be the assistant in that clean heart and right spirit desired.

Each individual is a form, respect for my form is my role depending on which role I am functioning in, as a feminine I have access to many roles. I am a daughter, the first estate given as a new being on the planet. There is a Father and Mother, I can be a mother, but not a father, it is not a role I can own per my form. I cannot produce or re-produce the father or mother assigned to me, nor would I ever want to, they are unique to who I am. Respect for boundary and the barrier between who they are individually and who I am has to be ascertained to comply with honoring both mother and father without bias or preference, it should be duly noted that they are two distinct individuals because one is male and the other is female (he and she).

Respect for boundaries is an experiential reality, back in grade school we were taught about personal pronouns and of course, they were distinguishable through he and she. However, my mind now questions, why personal, if I am not a son and never can be one, why not per-daughter-nal. I believe this confuses the mind of feminity to confer with attempting to be equal to man, rather than distinguished from him. I absolutely love being a she, the daughter role has been the greatest inspiration in filling this identity with what prospering and succeeding looks like. Identity crisis is not a joke or a comedy show. I had to look at the word stupid one day investigatively, the thing that stood out about this term, some like calling with no explanation. Stupor is what identity swims in, the word stup-id, suggests to me that an id is in a stupor or un-conscious to who they are and what they are doing. For all of you stupid callers, proclaiming out loud, thanks, I am able to understand now how all things can work together for good anyhow, even the poorest of words. Use of the term "stupid" for ones own self first suggests that awakening from stupid may be possible, all things are possible. No one will sleep forever, not even rip van winkle. Sleep and death can not party together.

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